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Liontrust's Wealth Solutions Service

Wealth Solutions Service (WSS) offers a broad range of target risk and actively managed model portfolios to meet most clients’ risk and return objectives. WSS is a white label service and the portfolios are designed and managed to deliver the outcome expected by your clients and to maximise returns for your clients’ risk profiles. The Growth, Income and Dynamic Beta model portfolios are managed by John Husselbee and Paul Kim, who have nearly 60 years of combined investment experience between them, on a discretionary basis.

Reasons to invest

Distinct offering

  • Broad choice: WSS comprises 26 Growth, Income and Dynamic Beta portfolios to suit different attitudes to risk, investment objectives and time horizons.
  • Portfolio flexibility: Your clients can switch between Growth, Income and Dynamic Beta portfolios as their risk profile and objectives change.
  • Long-term advice: Clients can stay in the service through the accumulation and decumulation phases of their lives.
  • Target risk portfolios: The portfolios are designed to deliver the outcome expected by clients dependent on their appetite for risk.
  • Dynamic modelling: This ensures the portfolios remain within defined risk targets and allows your clients’ portfolios always to be in line with the fund managers’ tactical asset allocation regardless of when they invest.


  • White label: The full service is offered to you in your own branding, including the name of the portfolios, literature, online dealing and communications.
  • Partnership: We work in partnership with you, through providing real time online valuations and offering dedicated sales and marketing support and fund manager access.
  • Communications: We send you regular and relevant communications and fund manager commentaries about your clients’ investments along with quarterly factsheets. All communications are white label in your own branding.
  • Costs: We aim to keep costs to a minimum to ensure that fees and charges are competitive. We are often able to invest in underlying funds on terms better than those usually available because we can aggregate transactions for all our clients.

Experience and insight

  • Experience: John Husselbee and Paul Kim have combined investment experience of nearly 60 years.
  • Insight: This experience enables the fund managers to identify and separate investment innovations from fads, evaluate the motivations of fund managers and detect any changes in their contentment and commitment.
  • Long track record: John Husselbee and Paul Kim have a long track record of meeting client expectations through the management of target risk portfolios.

Investment approach

  • Diversification: The portfolios each provide diversification across a range of different funds, fund managers, geographical regions and asset classes.
  • Investment process: The rigorous process is designed to deliver the outcome expected by investors and generate maximum returns for each model portfolio within the pre-determined volatility ranges.
  • Winning by not losing: The fund managers’ investment philosophy is to strive to “win over the long term by not losing” to try to deliver relatively smoother returns than individual single strategy funds over the long term.
  • Risk management: Liontrust has a strong focus on risk management to ensure the portfolios meet their individual risk targets.
Multi-Asset  investing guide

Meet the Managers

John Husselbee and Paul Kim

John Husselbee and Paul Kim are two of the most high-profile managers of multi-asset and multi-manager portfolios with almost 60 years of combined experience. This experience enables John and Paul to identify and separate investment innovations from fads and evaluate the motivations of fund managers, identifying any changes in their contentment and commitment. John launched the portfolio management service at Rothschild Asset Management, was Director of Multi-Manager Investment at Henderson Global Investors, where he was responsible for portfolio construction and fund selection of a range of portfolios totalling over £650m, and founded North Investment Partners. Paul was instrumental in setting up Investment Manager Selection Ltd (IMS), was Head of Fund Selection and Multi-Manager at Liverpool Victoria Asset Management (LVAM) and has also managed portfolios at Capel Cure Myers, Sun Life Portfolio Counselling Services (AXA Sun Life), Christie Group Investment Management and Spencer Thornton Investment Management Services.

Threesixty Review

Liontrust engaged threesixty to undertake an onsite risk assessment and review of relevant documentation to verify that the operation of the discretionary management service meets regulatory standards. Among other things threesixty have confirmed that:
  • they have reviewed the investment process against regulatory standards, which includes methodology of portfolio construction, risk mapping, and benchmarks.
  • they have reviewed the supervision and monitoring process against regulatory standards, including evidence of internal due diligence on third parties integral to the service.
  • they have verified the experience and qualifications of key individuals.
  • on the basis of what was reviewed by threesixty Services, promotional materials were a true and fair reflection of the service.
You can view the full threesixty report here.