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The Economic Advantage process

Anthony Cross, Julian Fosh, Victoria Stevens & Matt Tonge

Investment philosophy

A fundamental principle of competitive markets is that profits regress to the mean. The fund managers believe  the secret to successful investing is to identify those few companies that have a durable Economic Advantage which allows them to defy this principle and sustain a higher than average level of profitability for longer than expected. This surprises the market and can lead to strong share price appreciation.

Economic Advantage is the collection of distinctive characteristics of a company that competitors struggle to reproduce even if those competitors have understood the benefits arising from those characteristics.

In the fund managers’ experience, the hardest to replicate characteristics fall into the following three categories of intangible assets:

  1. 1

    Intellectual property

  2. 2

    Strong distribution channels

  3. 3

    Significant recurring business

Other less powerful but nonetheless important intangible strengths include: franchises and licenses; good customer databases and relationships; effective procedures and formats; strong brands and company culture. These intangible assets produce barriers to competition, protect margins and are capable, in the opinion of the fund managers, of reaping a financial advantage in the form of cash flow returns in excess of the cost of capital. The market rewards excess profitability, particularly when it is higher than consensus expectations.

Investment process

The fund managers evaluate companies in the UK stock market for their possession of durable Economic Advantage. Companies must possess at least one of the main advantages: intellectual property, strong distribution or recurring business (at least 70% of annual turnover).

The fund managers measure the universe of Economic Advantage companies for the market’s appreciation of their potential earnings growth. Under-appreciated companies have the strongest potential for share price growth. Companies can be under-appreciated on three different measures: surprising earnings growth, under-estimation of future recovery in earnings and re-rating of highly profitable companies.

Every smaller company held in the Economic Advantage funds has at least 3% of its equity held by main board directors. Companies are also assessed for employee ownership below the board and changes in equity ownership are monitored.

Process document

Further information can be found in the Liontrust Economic Advantage Process document.


Liontrust Economic Advantage team
Anthony Cross, Julian Fosh, Victoria Stevens & Matt Tonge
The Economic Advantage team

Anthony Cross and Julian Fosh have won multiple awards and have 55 years of combined investment experience. Anthony was previously at Schroders and Julian was at Saracen Fund Managers. Victoria Stevens was previously deputy head of corporate broking at FinnCap and Matt Tonge was formerly an award winning trader.

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FE Alpha Manager 2017 - Best UK Smaller Companies Manager
Anthony Cross & Julian Fosh
FE Alpha Manager Awards 2017

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Anthony Cross & Julian Fosh
FE Alpha Manager Awards 2017

Best in UK Equity

FE Alpha Manager 2017 - Anthony Cross
Anthony Cross
FE Alpha Manager 2017
FE Alpha Manager 2017 - Julian Fosh
Julian Fosh
FE Alpha Manager 2017
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The Economic Advantage team

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