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The European Income process

Investment philosophy

Olly Russ has three objectives in managing his funds:

  1. 1

    A yield that is higher than the market;

  2. 2

    An income stream that grows in the long run faster than inflation; and

  3. 3

    Long-term capital growth that is at least in line with inflation.

Olly seeks to achieve these aims through investing in growing companies with low capital requirements that pay out expanding dividends. He uses dividend growth as a proxy for earnings growth – Olly expects to see dividends rising over time as companies increase pay outs to shareholders while earnings grow. Since dividends are paid out in cash, companies with increasing pay outs will need to produce high quality cash earnings, with less scope for artificial inflation through financial manipulation or lower quality numbers.

He also expects the value of companies with strong and growing dividends to increase at least in line with inflation over the long term. Olly believes a company targeting shareholder pay outs should help improve management focus on capital discipline, which can help to sustain higher valuations and avoid value-destroying actions.

They are typically more stable, mature and secure companies, whose asset base and business has been built up over many years and is defended by an economic moat – an economic edge, competitive advantage or assets that are hard to replicate by new entrants, such as a strong brand, niche products or a dominant market position. 

Investment process

Owning the types of companies described above may not alone produce market outperformance. To produce superior risk-adjusted returns, Olly looks for companies with these characteristics that are also undervalued. He is generally seeking quality companies (cash generative and well established businesses with hard-to-replicate assets) with a good record of dividend growth and where the market has mispriced or underestimated their future earnings potential. In searching for mispriced assets, Olly looks to take advantage of:

  1. 1

    Growth opportunities: where the market underestimates earnings/dividend growth

  2. 2

    Value opportunities: where the market undervalues the expected earnings or dividend potential

  3. 3

    Special situations: where there are opportunities for corporate change that will drive improved dividends

Process document

Further information can be found in the Liontrust European Income Process document.


Olly Russ - European Income
Olly Russ
European Income

Olly Russ joined Liontrust in July 2016 having started his investment career at Orbitex in 1998. He moved to Neptune Investment Management in 2004 and then Argonaut Capital in 2005.

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