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Welcome to Liontrust Insights, where you can discover the latest investment views and ideas of our experienced fund managers.

Here you can read about, watch and listen to our fund managers’ latest views on and insights into economies, markets, sectors, companies and their funds. To receive regular insights and updates from our fund management teams by email, please register here.

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Liontrust Insights - Article
Success stories in the UK micro cap space
Victoria Stevens, 13 April 2021
Since its launch 5 years ago, a number of stocks have left the Liontrust UK Micro Cap Fund because they have been so successful they have outgrown the portfolio. Victoria Stevens highlights such companies and others that could follow. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Do you really own a bond fund?
David Roberts, 9 April 2021
Bonds are thought of as a relatively stable asset class, which offer diversification from equity risk. But that isn’t always the case. David Roberts explains how some bonds are more closely correlated with equities than the wider bond market and why it is imperative that investors are selective about which bonds they include in their portfolios. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Active stewardship: building trust through integrity
Harriet Parker, 8 March 2021
Harriet Parker explains why engagement is key to driving positive change at companies as well as dealing with controversies. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Why high yield bonds are an evergreen asset
Donald Phillips, 1 March 2021

Despite recent rises, government bonds still offer historically low yields. Donald Phillips explains how high yield bonds can provide extra income and ways in which investors can seek to minimise default risk. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Goodbye to an old friend – GW Pharma to leave Sustainable funds after 20 years
Peter Michaelis, 26 February 2021

One of the longest held companies in the Sustainable Future funds is to exit the portfolios with the acquisition of GW Pharma completing in Q2. Peter Michaelis explains how this innovative healthcare business encapsulates what the team look for in sustainable companies. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Can bond investors still expect positive returns in a world of negative interest rates?
David Roberts, 2 February 2021
Global bond yields have been falling for decades, so much so that G7 bonds would now provide you with a negative real return. David Roberts explains how taking a flexible approach to current bond markets can take advantage of the investment opportunities available. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Are we wasting energy by looking for eurozone inflation?
David Roberts, 28 January 2021
With the recovery in energy prices set to feed through to higher inflation, David Roberts asks whether the ECB will drop any of its ultra-loose monetary policies. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
High yield should remain on the radar for 2021
Donald Phillips, 14 January 2021

Donald Phillips of the Liontrust Global Fixed Income team says a 4% to 5% base case for high yield bond returns in 2021 stacks up well against other asset classes, with the benefits of non-negotiable interest payments and the team seeking to limit default risk. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Reasons to be Cheerful in 2021
Liontrust Fund Managers, 7 January 2021
While 2020 was a year that no one will forget, mainly for the wrong reasons, there is cause for optimism in 2021. Liontrust fund managers highlight investment ideas that give them reasons to be cheerful for the year ahead. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Ongoing evolution of our Sustainable Investment themes
Peter Michaelis, 17 December 2020
The Sustainable Investment team have added a new leisure theme and updated three others as part of their annual review. Peter Michaelis explains the reasoning behind and opportunities for these themes. Read more

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