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Multi-Asset portfolio services

Our Multi-Asset Portfolio Services offer a broad range of target risk and actively managed model portfolios to meet most clients’ risk and return objectives. The portfolios are managed by the Multi-Asset investment team, who are highly respected and experienced fund managers, and are designed to help your clients to reach their financial goals. There are two ways in which you and your clients can access our Growth, Income and Dynamic Beta portfolios: the Liontrust Wealth Solutions Service and the Liontrust Managed Portfolio Service.

How we add value to you and your clients


What we expect:

  • We are given regular updates on the underlying funds to ensure they are being managed according to their stated objectives and investment processes
  • We gain access to the underlying fund managers to probe their thinking and evaluate their commitment
  • We are given the insights of fund managers and economists into markets, economics, politics, themes, sectors and stocks to help us analyse our underling funds, portfolio construction and tactical asset allocation

What we deliver:

  • We send you regular and clear communications about your clients’ investments and any changes to portfolios
  • We provide you with regular access to the Multi-Asset team, who manage all the portfolios for you and your clients
  • We create product and educational content and materials for you to use with your clients to explain investments and our portfolio service in a clear and engaging way
Value for money
Value for money

What we expect:

  • Offered access to underlying funds and vehicles through the lowest cost share classes
  • Only hold those actively managed funds we believe can provide better returns net of fees than indices over the long term
  • We are given in-depth data and information from asset managers about the underlying funds in our portfolios to aid our ongoing monitoring and analysis

What we deliver:

  • We aim to keep costs to a minimum and are often able to invest in underlying funds on better terms than those commonly available
  • The Multi-Asset team seek to add value through each of strategic asset allocation, fund selection and portfolio construction
  • We add value through working in partnership with you and the dedicated sales, marketing and operational support we provide you, including events, communications and training

What we expect:

  • Underlying fund managers must have proven and repeatable investment processes so they manage their funds in the way we expect over the long term
  •  Attribution analysis to show the underlying funds do not experience style drift and remain within their stated risk parameters
  • Long track records to demonstrate how the underlying funds perform in different economic and market environments

What we deliver:

  • Our broad range of target risk portfolios enable clients to choose the portfolios appropriate for their individual objectives and appetites for risk
  •  The portfolios are designed to deliver the outcome expected by clients dependent on their appetite for risk
  • John Husselbee and Paul Kim’s investment philosophy is to strive to “win over the long term by not losing” and they do this by seeking to manage risk and limit losses in falling markets to enhance long-term returns within each risk target

Types of portfolios

Our Multi-Asset service is suitable for different types of investors because it offers a broad range of target risk portfolios, providing access to growth, income and dynamic beta.

  • Growth portfolios are designed to deliver long-term capital growth
  • Income portfolios are designed to deliver an attractive and rising level of income in addition to some long-term capital growth
  • Dynamic Beta portfolios are designed to deliver long-term capital growth at a competitive price, mainly through the use of lower-cost passive strategies

Our Multi-Asset model portfolios are available exclusively through financial advisers. If you are a financial adviser, you can find out more about our Multi-Asset services below.

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