Liontrust Global Smaller Companies Fund

Q4 2019 review

The Liontrust Global Smaller Companies Fund returned 3.4%* over the quarter, meaning it outperformed both the MSCI World SMID index and the IA Global sector, which returned 1.2% and 1.9% respectively.


Market Overview

Global equities enjoyed a strong quarter as recessionary fears subsided. The main driver behind this was an easing in trade tensions between the US and China, with a phase one trade deal between the two countries agreed towards the end of the quarter. As a result, global bond yields generally rose over the quarter. However, despite this improvement in investor sentiment, value stocks (having rebounded strongly in late Q3 2019), once again underperformed relative to growth stocks. Technology once again led global equities at a sector level, with healthcare stocks also delivering strong gains. The UK market was one of the strongest performing developed markets, largely driven by the general election result. Not only did the unexpectedly large Conservative Party majority end fears of a Corbyn-led Labour government, given the Tories’ more business-friendly policies, but it also created further certainty regarding the UK’s future relationship with the EU. However, the improved sentiment towards global growth also meant emerging markets outperformed developed markets over the quarter.


Portfolio Attribution

The Fund’s outperformance over the quarter was predominately driven by its technology exposure. The sector had come under pressure in late Q3 as bond yields spiked, sparking a rather large rotation within the global equity market from growth to value. Many of our tech stocks were hit by the indiscriminate selling, and therefore much of the strong returns seen during the quarter can be viewed as mean reversion. These included Nvidia, which rallied thanks to a general improvement in sentiment towards semiconductors, but also the fact that it has created sustainable growth by creating and becoming the top brand in the GPU (graphics processing unit) category. Another strong contributor was GB Group, the AIM-listed identity management, location intelligence and fraud-prevention company. The stock posted strong earnings over the quarter, with growth having been significantly boosted by its recent acquisitions of Vix Verify and Idology.


The largest detractors were certain high growth names that were hit hard during the first half of the quarter as investors took profits as a result of the sharp rebound in value. One such name was FeverTree Drinks. Our thesis has, and continues to be, that following its very strong growth in the UK, it would enjoy similar success in the North American market. While we remain confident in the company’s ability to replicate its growth strategy in the US, a lack of corporate news meant the relatively highly-valued stock came under pressure as investors pivoted more towards value stocks.



We remain positive in our outlook for global markets. In our view, many of the headwinds that hurt equities in 2018 – such as slowing economic growth and trade war concerns – have receded. Global central banks were ahead of the curve with regards to decelerating growth and we believe the lagged impact of looser monetary policy will mean – barring an external shock – global growth will be 3.5% for 2020. We are therefore confident in our portfolio positioning as we believe this is a supportive backdrop for equities.


Discrete years' performance** (%), to previous quarter-end:








Liontrust Global Smaller Companies C Acc GBP












IA Global













*Source: Financial Express, as at 31.12.2019, total return (net of fees and income reinvested)


**Source: Financial Express, as at 31.12.2019, total return (net of fees and income reinvested)


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Key Risks

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