Liontrust Japan Opportunities Fund

Q4 2019 review

The Liontrust Japan Opportunities Fund returned 8.5%* over the fourth quarter, significantly outperforming the TOPIX Index and IA Japan sector average return of 2%. This performance places the Fund came in 3rd out of 72 funds in sector for the quarter. The c.7% depreciation of the yen meant the Funds currency hedge back into sterling lifted the Fund’s gain by 7%. This depreciation in the currency can be attributed to being the main cause of the Fund’s outperformance over the period.


Market Overview


Overall, smaller firms on average outpaced the broad market, with the exception of the ultra-speculative Mothers Market. The largest 30 stocks achieved an almost 10% return, meaning that the mid-sized stocks did worst, but only marginally so. The TOPIX, in line with the rest of the world’s markets, initially slipped lower as investors feared further disruption to oil supplies in the Gulf region after Iran’s missile attack upon Saudi.


In the event, crude oil prices fell back from their late mid-September $70 peak just after the attack, to their previous levels, showing the beneficial impact of US Shale oil supplies finding their way onto the global market. Given these fears proved largely baseless, the markets recovered their poise across the remainder of the quarter. In addition, the worst effects of October’s domestic Japan VAT rise from 8% to 10% seem to have been shrugged off, so the TOPIX Index bottomed at around 1,570 before climbing steadily higher over the quarter to hit a high of almost 1,750 near the month end, but finally finishing the year at 1,721.


Portfolio Attribution


The Fund’s underlying equity portfolio showed remarkably divergent performance across individual stocks within each sector rather than major differences between sectors. For instance, in the materials sector, Toray fell by almost -7.5%, whilst Mitsubishi Gas Chemical rose by over 16%. Similarly, industrials saw Keyence, a hi-tech specialist manufacturer of automation products and systems gain 15% against most other stocks in that sector which remained almost unchanged.



In the short term, we expect the market to remain stable although sentiment could remain fragile. Current economic news suggests that the world is passing through the low point of its recent slowdown, which should help the market recover. Likewise, an end seems to have come to the recent wave of downgrades to corporate earnings forecasts and the New Year should see that confirmed by better than expected company results announcements.

Discrete years' performance** (%), to previous quarter-end:








Liontrust Japan Opportunities C Acc GBP












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*Source: Financial Express, as at 31.12.2019, total return (net of fees and income reinvested)


**Source: Financial Express, as at 31.12.2019, total return (net of fees and income reinvested)

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Key Risks

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