Liontrust Latin America Fund

Q3 2019 review

The Liontrust Latin America Fund returned -4.1% during the third quarter of the year, behind the MSCI Latin America Index return of -2.5%. Over one year, the Fund has returned 18.2%, outperforming the benchmark’s 13.3% gain.

Market overview

The primary driver of global markets during the third quarter was the renewed escalation of the US – China trade war with further tariffs being applied by both sides in August, although September saw some improvement in risk appetite as both sides agreed to face-to-face talks in October and some tariffs were delayed. The Federal Reserve cut rates by 50 basis points during the quarter and more cuts are expected before year-end. The ECB cut its deposit rate by a further 10bps to -50bps and restarted its QE programme on an open-ended basis.

Latin America was not spared the weakness in global markets with Mexico the only market to generate positive returns. Most notably, Argentina fell by 45% during the quarter as President Mauricio Macri fared poorly in the Primary Elections ahead of October’s Presidential Election. It now looks very unlikely that Macri will be re-elected which raises questions over the continuity of the more orthodox policies he has implemented. Elsewhere, Brazil continued to make good progress on Bolsonaro’s reform agenda with the Pension Reform being passed in the Lower House and approval in the Senate is expected in October. Attention will now turn to the wide-ranging reform agenda with the Tax Reform likely to be front and centre during the fourth quarter. Key contributors to the underperformance of the Fund over the quarter were our positions in two Argentine stocks and Mexican financials, while these were offset to a degree by strong returns in Brazilian consumer and IT stocks.


Looking across emerging markets, investors are crying out for reformist governments. In Asia, we have seen this with India, and in Latin America Peru, Chile, Colombia and now Brazil have elected strong pro-market governments. The populist tide has finally reversed as governments focus on structural reforms to raise productivity and economic growth.

Discrete years' performance* (%), to previous quarter-end:








Liontrust Latin America C Acc






MSCI EM Latin America Index






*Source: Morningstar as at 30.09.2019, on 17.10.2019.


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Key Risks

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 9:38 AM