Luxcellence-Liontrust SF Pan European Equity Fund

Q2 2018 review

The Fund returned 2.7% over the quarter, lagging the MSCI Europe Index’s 4.0%*.

Q2 has been a fairly volatile period for Europe, both politically and in terms of markets, with escalating fears of a global trade war weighing on sentiment.

April saw a strong rally after the correction in the first quarter but this faded in May in the face of weakening leading indicators, global trade tariffs and political upheaval in Italy and Spain. Trade war fears picked up a notch in June, with the US imposing tariffs by refusing to extend the eurozone’s exemption from 25% duties on imports of steel and 10% on aluminium.

In response, the EU introduced matching import duties on a range of US products, including steel and aluminium, farm produce such as sweetcorn and peanuts, bourbon, jeans and motorbikes.

Our process remains focused on high-quality companies with long-term sustainability drivers that should grow regardless of the economic or political backdrop but as ever, we are monitoring the situation on trade, as well as ongoing political volatility, for potential impacts on growth trends across Europe.

In terms of individual stock drivers, Kingspan was among the best performers over the quarter. The global leader in technology related to insulation panels and boards continues to deliver strong growth across the US and Europe and this is despite headwinds for overall construction markets coming from Brexit in the UK and weather issues in the US.

The importance of insulation as a means of cutting energy use in both commercial and residential construction, combined with Kingspan’s technological lead, underpin a business that continues to beat market expectations and can grow based on these two structural drivers.

Elsewhere, Informa also enjoyed a strong second quarter, having recently taken the transformative decision to buy UBM, one of the world’s largest exhibition companies.

Informa is a leading events and publishing company based in the UK, operating an academic book and journal publishing division under the famous brands Taylor & Francis and Routledge. Informa also operates a business analytics division, providing firms with current and accurate information to improve decision making, as well as large exhibitions and conference operation, which enables stakeholders across all industries to learn and interact face-to-face.

The deal for UBM will make the combined entity the sector leader and should yield significant synergies over the coming years, but we have reservations about the price paid and the structure of the deal.

Among the weaker performers over the quarter was Prysmian. We like the company for its leadership position in connectivity, which includes highly technical deep sea projects, but problems at one of these projects in the UK, the Western Link project, resurfaced and drove a profit warning.

In the past, Prysmian’s management has been able to contain and resolve project issues after initial mistakes so we are confident it can do so again – but these can be costly prolonged problems so we are watching the situation closely.

Discrete years' performance* (%), to previous quarter-end:








Luxcellence Liontrust Sustainable Future
Pan-European Equity Fund A Class






MSCI Europe







*Source: Financial Express, as at 30.06.18, primary share class, in euro terms, total return, net of fees and income reinvested.


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