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Olly Russ

European insurance – the ‘boring’ sector making premium returns

European insurance may not be deemed to be exciting or glamorous but it has been the best performing sector since March 2009. Olly Russ explains what has driven these strong returns and why he still favours the European insurance sector. Read more
David Roberts

An end to NIRP?

In January, Sweden’s government bonds moved back to zero after five years in negative territory. David Roberts analyses the impact of the NIRP and whether this might signal the end of negative interest paying bonds. Read more
Laurie Don

Unbottling the gene genie

Gene therapy has the potential to transform the healthcare sector of the future. Laurie Don explains how, and what are the opportunities for investors. Read more
Mark Williams

Coronavirus: what we know so far

The coronavirus has led to more than 500 deaths and counting. With the disease also affecting stock markets and estimates for economic growth, Mark Williams outlines what we know so far and how past outbreaks might provide clues to the ultimate impact of coronavirus. Read more
Robin Geffen

Geffen and Dowey: what we expect from global markets in 2020

Stock markets ended 2019 strongly after a year of political uncertainty and the threat of an escalating trade war between the US and China. In these two short videos, Robin Geffen and James Dowey of the Liontrust Global Equity team provide their outlook for global economic growth and stock markets in 2020, along with why the environment is likely to be more challenging for income investors in the UK. Read more
Aitken Ross

The ESG effect in bond markets

Aitken Ross explains how investing in bonds of companies that benefit society and the environment can potentially enhance returns and reduce volatility. Read more

Liontrust Sustainable team challenges companies on zero carbon emissions strategy

The Liontrust Sustainable Investment team to challenge companies on zero carbon emissions strategy. The team asks how and when they will decarbonise their businesses. Read more
Matt Tonge

Sizing up the Smaller Companies opportunity in 2020

Matt Tonge explains what drove last year’s very healthy small cap returns and takes a look at what investors should expect from 2020. Read more
Thomas Smith

Why we’re underweight energy in our Russia fund

Russia has made huge strides in recent years away from a reliance on the price of oil. Here, Thomas Smith explains why the team is underweight energy in the Liontrust Russia Fund and where they are finding valuable opportunities. Read more
John Husselbee

Déjà vu all over again?

Boris Johnson manned the sleigh as the world enjoyed a Santa rally at the end of 2019 and the best year for equities since 2009. John Husselbee reviews what led this upturn and analyses what is likely to drive markets in 2020. Read more
Phil Milburn

10 bond ideas for 2020

Phil Milburn provides 10 investment opportunities in bonds at a time when fixed income markets are expensive and stock selection remains key. Read more
Harriet Parker

Living in a digital world

Digital technologies account for more greenhouse gas emissions than civil aviation. To address this, Harriet Parker explores the mitigating and financial benefits of outsourced data centres. Read more
David Roberts

10 fixed income trades for the New Year

Bond markets delivered strong returns last year against many people’s expectations. What does this mean for finding investment opportunities in 2020? David Roberts offers 10 potential ideas among high-quality sovereign debt. Read more
Mark Williams

Should investors in China worry about the Hong Kong protests?

Six months of protests in Hong Kong have caused significant economic disruption and highlighted the level of discontent with China’s influence. Mark Williams considers China’s intentions towards Hong Kong and outlines the impact on investors in Chinese equities. Read more
Martyn Jones

Investing beyond meat

Long read: Food and farming are responsible for 25% of global emissions. Martyn Jones explores some of the alternative options to meat and the opportunities that have grown (or hopped) into the picture for investors. Read more
Storm Uru

Will the lower cost of energy fuel global growth?

The US became a net exporter of crude oil and refined petroleum products for a full month in September for the first time since the 1940s. Storm Uru explains why and what this means for the economy. Read more

What the Conservative majority means for investors

James Dowey, Olly Russ, Phil Milburn, Jamie Clark & John Husselbee

With Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party achieving a large majority in the General Election, Liontrust fund managers provide their initial views and insights on what this means for markets and investments. Read more
Mark Martin

UK’s productivity threats and opportunities in three charts

Mark Martin, manager of the Liontrust UK Mid Cap and UK Opportunities Funds, explains why those companies who have resisted the siren call of short-termism and reinvested in their businesses are giving opportunity to investors. Read more
Phil Milburn

Kicking the UK’s fiscal tyres

As the UK prepares to go back to the polls on 12 December, Phil Milburn takes a look at the state of government finances and analyses some of the promises we can expect over the weeks of campaigning. Read more
Donald Phillips

10 things everyone should know about high yield bonds

The high yield bond market is currently being ignored by investors, but we believe there are a number of reasons why this asset class should be included in portfolios. In this article, we provide 10 key points to remember about high yield (as well as our own GF High Yield Bond Fund). Read more
Shashank Savla

India’s stockmarket performance at odds with economic slowdown

Indian equities trade at a hefty premium to other Asian equities – one that is not justified by economic trends. With recent GDP data showing the lowest growth rate since 2013, Shashank Savla highlights the reasons for the slowdown and the attempts to reverse this. Read more
Phil Milburn

FRNs – they’ll be there for you

Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) have been a very useful asset management tool for the Global Fixed Income team this year. Phil Milburn looks at the investment characteristics of these bonds and explains why they have been so attractive in 2019. Read more
William Geffen

At what point is a company a “tech” company?

How do you define a tech company? Will Geffen explains how the Global Equity team identifies such companies and why they believe Disney can make investors dreams come true. Read more
William Geffen

The Tech Disrupters: Cars, Frozen and deep data. How Disney became a tech titan

The Liontrust Global Equity team explains Disney’s tech opportunity and why the company has been added to their funds. Read more
Laurie Don

Cannabinoid approval supports GW’s strategy

With GPs now able to prescribe two cannabis-based medicines from GW Pharmaceuticals, Laurie Don runs the rule over this long-term holding in the Liontrust SF Funds. Read more
Phil Milburn

Global Fixed Income Quarterly review – rates valuations remain hard to fathom

The Liontrust Global Fixed Income team are more sanguine about the economic outlook than the consensus view and do not agree with current central bank policy. Phil Milburn explains the reasons for the team’s contrarian views and what this means for their portfolios. Read more
David Roberts

Seven questions to ask a bond fund manager

These are dangerous times for investors in fixed income markets. David Roberts poses seven questions to ask bond fund managers to understand whether their portfolios are positioned to take advantage of the selective opportunities available and to avoid excessive risk in the market. Read more

Investing in travel’s Silver Bullet

Neil Brown

With clear advantages in terms of speed, safety and environmental impact over the increasingly unpopular car, we are barrelling down the tracks towards a new age of the train. Neil Brown looks at companies driving innovation in a sector looking to rejuvenate its image. Read more
Mark Williams

MSCI indices: what does Chinese A share inclusion mean?

The mainland Chinese A Share market is by many measures one the biggest in the world. The two mainland exchanges for A Shares, Shanghai and Shenzhen, have market capitalisations of US$3.9tn and US$2.4tn respectively (source: World Federation of Exchanges, 2018). This puts the country on a par with the world’s larger exchanges. Read more
Mark Williams

Connect 2 - Investing in Chinese equities

The options for international investors wanting access to domestic Chinese shares have improved in recent years. Whether greater access leads to more investment opportunities in A shares, is yet to be seen. Read more
Mark Williams

Chinese debt – bearable burden or crisis-in-waiting?

Chinese debt levels recently breached 300% of GDP. Should investors be concerned? Read more
Mark Williams

A Silk Road for the 21st century

China’s current Belt and Road Initiative was launched in 2019 with the aim of replicating the old Silk Road. If nothing else, it indicates the long-term nature and scale of China’s ambition as it takes an increasingly important role on the international stage. Read more
Storm Uru

The tech disrupters: How 3D printing shoes has transformed the outlook for Nike

In the first of a new series from the Liontrust Global Equity Team, Storm Uru looks at sport giant Nike, how it’s embracing technological disruption and why your next pair of trainers may be 3D printed based on the latest fashion in Paris. Read more
Jamie Clark

Has the move to ‘value’ started?

Value has enjoyed a sharp rally over the past couple of months. Jamie Clark analyses what has driven this upturn and whether this is the start of a sustained market rotation from growth to value. Read more
Mike Appleby

How to dodge the greenwash – is your fund sustainable?

Mike Appleby suggests a five-point checklist to root out greenwashing as more and more sustainable products come to market. Read more
Olly Russ

Five world-class companies we hold in Europe

The political issues facing Europe often overshadow the strength of its companies. Olly Russ highlights five world-class European companies with famous brands such as Activia, Evian and Tamiflu that are held in the Liontrust European Income funds. Read more
Mark Williams

The US and China: From Ping Pong Diplomacy to Trade Wars

Fundamental ideological differences have defined relations between China and the US since the communist party took control in 1949. Mark Williams takes an in-depth look at the Trump era and examines how stockmarkets have reacted to his Trade Wars. Read more
Mark Williams

China’s 70th anniversary: communism, capitalism and its watershed moment

The People’s Republic of China marked its 70th anniversary on 1 October with the country at a watershed. Mark Williams analyses whether China can successfully transition its economy to generate slower but more sustainable growth. Read more
Shashank Savla

Will India’s corporate tax cuts reignite investment?

India has surprisingly announced corporate tax cuts in an effort to combat its economic slowdown and reignite investment. Shashank Savla analyses the likelihood of success and whether it changes the Liontrust Asia team’s view of India’s stockmarket. Read more
Robin Geffen

Avoiding dividend risk – Imperial Brands

Around 60% of UK equity income funds own Imperial Brands. But Robin Geffen explains why the company is a perfect example of the dangers currently facing income investors: a stock with a high yield and yet a lowly covered dividend. Read more
Stuart Steven

Little value in ‘extremely expensive’ index-linked debt

Despite recent outperformance from index-linked bonds, Stuart Steven highlights an expensive asset class with considerable duration risk and negative returns if held to maturity. Read more
Stuart Steven

QE – what is it good for?

As the European Central Bank announces open-ended money printing from November, Stuart Steven questions the impact of further quantitative easing on the real economy. Read more

Are we nearing ‘peak car’?

Neil Brown

With congestion rising across our cities we look at the investment opportunities arising from a ‘peak car’ world. Read more
Mike Appleby

The realities of a lower carbon world

Insulation, electric cars and a new energy provider: the realities of carbon neutrality. Read more
Donald Phillips

What does the government bond rally mean for high yield?

After the rally in rates markets since late last year, Donald Phillips investigates what we can expect from high yield returns over the coming months. Read more
James Inglis-Jones

Yield curve inversion – why we’re not worried, yet

Are bond markets predicting a recession and a negative environment for equities? James Inglis-Jones explains why proprietary measures of investor anxiety present a brighter outlook. Read more
Mark Williams

Trade Wars – may the force be with you

Donald Trump’s latest tariff delay confirms that trade tariffs can punish US consumers as much as Chinese manufacturers. Mark Williams explains how the Trade Wars have created opportunities to invest in Asian companies with pricing power that can pass tariffs on to buyers. Read more
Stuart Steven

Credit remains attractive despite bumpy Brexit ride

Stuart Steven looks through current macro risks and sees a solid longer term outlook for corporate bonds – although crash helmets might be required in run up to 31 October. Read more
Chris Foster

Will a cashless society pay off?

Debate continues to rage about the diminishing role of cash in society and whether this risks leaving swathes of the population behind. Chris Foster says the shift to digital payment brings net positives overall, highlighting the potential reduction in tax evasion and exposing the shadow economy. Read more
Mike Appleby

The materials challenge – from linear to circular

While plastic pollution continues to dominate the news agenda, Mike Appleby explains how a more nuanced look at the broader materials sector can potentially reap rewards for investors. Read more