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Olly Russ

Using the return of volatility to boost income

The European Central Bank is due to end its bond-buying programme next month, in what should be an inflection point for market volatility. Find out how Olly Russ is exploiting this volatility to generate extra portfolio income. Read more
Mark Williams

Trade war perceptions shift ahead of US mid-terms

The US-China ‘trade war’ has become a defining feature of 2018. Mark Williams asks what role next week’s US mid-term elections may have played in the escalation of tensions; explains why recent falls leave markets looking oversold; and takes a look at the longer-term consequences for investing in Asia. Read more
Phil Milburn

End of the beginning?

Does the recent volatility mean this is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? Phil Milburn analyses where we are in the market cycle and what this means for investors. Read more

Liontrust’s Ghoulish Gallery

David Roberts, Jamie Clark, Mike Appleby, Mark Williams, Olly Russ, James Inglis-Jones, Victoria Stevens & John Husselbee

We have put together 8 scary investment charts for Hallowe’en. If you feel brave enough, brace yourself and enter our fund managers’ ghoulish gallery. Read more
Stuart Steven

Managing funds in a more volatile market

Global bond markets are experiencing increased volatility and therefore the heightened potential for macro shocks. Stuart Steven, co-manager of the Liontrust Monthly Income Bond Fund, explains the tools that can be used to seek to manage volatility and mitigate against macro shocks. Read more
Oisin O'Leary

Why the bond sell-off is good news for value investors

Rising bond yields are leading to nascent signs of recovery in Europe’s unloved ‘value’ stocks. This is good news for investors – such as us – with a portfolio tilt towards traditional value sectors like financials. Read more
David Roberts

Why we continue to avoid Italy

Any investors shorting Italian government bonds will have suffered during September. David Roberts explains that while Italian debt will begin to look attractive again, he is yet to start investing. Read more
Jamie Clark

Brexit – it’s better to arrive than to travel

How is forecasting Brexit similar to the Roman practice of haruspicy? Read Jamie Clark’s latest blog to find out. Read more

How we're investing in a fast changing world

Peter Michaelis, Simon Clements & Neil Brown

Our five themes for Good Money Week Read more
David Roberts

A change of tack for Super Mario

With cracks starting to appear in core European debt, David Roberts reflects on an apparent change of tone for ECB President Mario Draghi Read more
Simon Clements

Constructing a revolution

Design errors on large construction projects can cost millions to fix and waste huge amounts of time. Simon Clements outlines advances in Building Information Modelling (BIM), which is revolutionising how these projects are managed, and the investment opportunities this is presenting. Read more
Mike Appleby

Assessing the social side of ESG

Social is the toughest of the ESG trio to analyse but with growing client demand for data on how companies affect people’s everyday lives, Mike Appleby highlights the team’s developing work with social indicators. Read more

Lehman Brothers – 10 years on: lessons learnt

In the third and final instalment of a series marking the 10-year anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ collapse, Liontrust fund managers reflect on the lessons learnt from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and how close we are to it happening again. Read more
Jack Willis

Opportunities coming down the line for telecoms

With the telecoms sector returning to growth, Jack Willis explains why this is one of the favoured areas for the Liontrust Monthly Income Bond Fund and where they are finding investment opportunities. Read more
Matt Tonge

How we’re playing the video gaming market

Liontrust UK Micro Cap co-manager Matt Tonge explains how he’s playing the video gaming market. Read more
Peter Michaelis

How our themes are evolving

Every summer, the Sustainable Investment team analyses and challenges all its themes to ensure they can drive performance in the future. Peter Michaelis explains how the latest review has led to the removal of four themes and the addition of two new ones. Read more

Lehman Brothers – 10 years on: the policy response

Phil Milburn, Olly Russ, James Inglis-Jones, Anthony Cross & Jamie Clark

In the second of a three-part series to mark the 10-year anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ collapse, Liontrust fund managers discuss the policy response to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the impact on capital markets and the outlook now as the emergency policy measures for developed markets are being withdrawn. Read more
David Roberts

10 alternative trades I could have done in summer

Following on from revealing ten potential summer trades last month, David Roberts has gone back to his ideas book to find ten further opportunities for the more risk tolerant bond investors out there. Read more
Martyn Jones

An ocean of opportunity (in fishing nets and carpets)

With plastic pollution continuing to dominate headlines, Martyn Jones highlights a recent stock addition to our SF funds that is making waves in the growing area of regenerated materials. Read more
John Husselbee

Jellyfish, roast Turkey and a lucky gold ring

John Husselbee surveys the investment landscape as summer draws to a close, with recent months reinforcing the importance of riding out short-term market stings. Read more
David Roberts

Trio of concerns start to bite

With markets growing jittery as QE fears, Italian debt worries and emerging market selloffs start to bite, David Roberts outlines his current thinking. Read more

Lehman Brothers – 10 years on

Jamie Clark, Phil Milburn, Peter Michaelis, Julian Fosh & Olly Russ

Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Liontrust’s fund managers look back at the defining moment of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), how it unfolded, and why it still matters. Here, in the first of a three-part series, our investment teams discuss its impact on the banking sector. Read more
Victoria Stevens

The bittersweet taste of company takeovers

Stock-picking success or fund managers’ frustration? Victoria Stevens, fund manager in the Economic Advantage team, takes a look at the sometimes bittersweet experience of takeover approaches on fund holdings. Read more
Kenny Watson

What does the new environment for bonds mean for investors?

With central banks finally tightening after a decade of loose policy, Kenny Watson examines this much-changed and more challenging backdrop for bonds and what investors can expect from the asset class. Read more
John Husselbee

Why comparing bull markets is baseless

With much being made of the S&P 500 hitting its longest ever bull run, John Husselbee considers what this record means and how much further it could go. Read more
Donald Phillips

The pitfalls of being too benchmark aware

Turkey comprises just 2% of the global high yield market and yet accounted for close to 90% of its (negative) return in the first half of August. Donald Phillips analyses why investing relative to a benchmark is fraught with danger. Read more
Jamie Clark

Annuity trends boost life insurers – largest component of ‘Population Ageing’ theme

UK life insurers represent the bulk of the Macro-Thematic team’s 'Population Ageing' theme. In this blog, Jamie Clark reviews the latest sets of results from the sector and evaluates the evidence supporting their investment case. Read more
Phil Milburn

The equilibrium interest rate (r*) in the UK

Why have equilibrium UK rates fallen so much? Read more
David Roberts

10 potential summer trades for bond investors

The great advantage for active bond investors is that rates cycles are messed up at present and differentials between major markets are extreme. David Roberts highlights 10 potential trades for bond investors in the current market environment. Read more
Stephen Bailey

Prospecting among the unforgiven miners

Following the release of strong Rio Tinto results, Stephen Bailey explains why the Liontrust Macro-Thematic team sees opportunity in the unloved mining sector and the initiation of a new Macro theme: Resource Scarcity. Read more
Jamie Clark

No smoke without fire?

The recent fall in tobacco stocks may be seen by some as a buying opportunity into a popular sector for equity income managers. However, the Liontrust Macro-Thematic team argues that the sector still faces structural problems and they maintain their zero weighting. Read more
Donald Phillips

Moving the target

Donald Phillips outlines why the team has opted to use a new performance target to measure success on the Liontrust GF High Yield Bond Fund. Read more
David Roberts

Why I remain bearish on gilts (despite supportive data)

As weak headline data in the UK continue to support gilts, David Roberts explains why he is reluctant to invest in the asset class and predicts more turbulence to come for all things British as Brexit rumbles on. Read more
Mike Appleby

Reappraising the social networks

Given the rapid development of social networks across multiple areas, Mike Appleby says close scrutiny is required to ensure these businesses have a positive impact on society and are suitable for sustainable investors. The answer, for certain names, appears to be no at this stage. Read more
David Roberts

Trade, Italy and QE unwind will remain key in second half of 2018

After a tough first half for most asset classes (apart from US tech stocks and oil), David Roberts looks at prospects for the rest of 2018. Read more
Simon Clements

The Cobot revolution

Rising interest in robotics has understandably led to concerns about how this innovation might affect the workforce. Simon Clements makes the case for the small but fast-growing collaborative robot space, which work alongside people rather than replacing them while also improving efficiency and safety. Read more

Why flexibility is key in current bond markets

Stuart Steven & Aitken Ross

With interest rates rising and bonds facing a more challenging environment, Stuart Steven and Aitken Ross outline how a flexible fund mandate will be key – especially with short-dated bonds looking unappealing. Read more
Olly Russ

Italy – don’t mistake a negotiating tactic for a genuine attempt to leave the euro

Long read: Olly Russ analyses how Italy’s EU negotiating tactics have opened up an investment opportunity. Read more
James Inglis-Jones

Fragile market outlook no obstacle to investment conviction

The Cashflow Solution team has recently completed its annual forensic analysis of European companies’ reports and accounts, identifying ‘fragile market conditions’. With the European Central Bank recently announcing a withdrawal of its bond-buying stimulus later this year, this may seem a concerning state of affairs, but James explains why an uncertain backdrop isn’t necessarily a hindrance. Read more
David Roberts

How to make money from bonds in a falling market

With government bonds expensive against long-run averages and policy moving back towards ‘old normal’ territory, investors are understandably asking how to make money from bonds. David Roberts outlines his current strategy. Read more
David Roberts

Mario – super once more?

Still dovish, or sharp talons and a clawed beak? David Roberts runs the rule over last week’s ECB announcement, including what he sees as a mistaken promise not to hike interest rates until late next year (at the earliest). Read more
John Husselbee

The beautiful game - tactics for successful fund management

With the World Cup kicking off in Russia tomorrow, John Husselbee reveals several insights the beautiful game can offer the world of investing. Read more
Shashank Savla

More Indian rate rises likely after first since 2014

Shashank Savla, fund manager in the Asia team, looks at the reasons behind this week’s Indian rate rise and explains why the team holds a cautious view on Indian equities. Read more
Neil Brown

Calling for a food and drink revolution

Neil Brown on the revolution needed in food and drink, with less than a third of products considered ‘healthy’. Read more
David Roberts

Where next for Italian bonds?

David Roberts considers the prospects for Italian bonds over the next few months: will the ECB step in – and potentially help the Eurosceptics looking to form a government – at a 2.5% yield? Read more
Harriet Parker

Navigating GDPR – threats and opportunities

With the 25 May GDPR deadline fast approaching, Harriet Parker looks at the potential impact of this regulation and the companies best placed to benefit by enhancing digital security. Read more
Mark Williams

MSCI A Share inclusion - symbolic rather than significant

The Chinese A Share market is one of the biggest in the world. MSCI will be including A Shares in its indices from the end of this month, but Mark Williams believes this move is symbolic rather than significant. Read more
David Roberts

Assessing risk/reward in Argentina and Italy

David Roberts assesses risk versus reward in Argentina as it calls in the IMF, and Italy, where a summer election looks increasingly likely. Read more
Mike Appleby

Carbon exposure: mitigating risks and finding opportunities

Liontrust’s Sustainable Future Funds continue to have a considerably smaller carbon footprint than mainstream equity indices. Mike Appleby explains the team’s approach to carbon risk, which involves investing in businesses innovating in the energy space as well as avoiding fossil fuel names. Read more
Victoria Stevens

How to spot Economic Advantage in newly listed companies

Victoria Stevens reveals how the team decides whether to invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Read more