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Olly Russ

Italy – don’t mistake a negotiating tactic for a genuine attempt to leave the euro

Long read: Olly Russ analyses how Italy’s EU negotiating tactics have opened up an investment opportunity. Read more
James Inglis-Jones

Fragile market outlook no obstacle to investment conviction

The Cashflow Solution team has recently completed its annual forensic analysis of European companies’ reports and accounts, identifying ‘fragile market conditions’. With the European Central Bank recently announcing a withdrawal of its bond-buying stimulus later this year, this may seem a concerning state of affairs, but James explains why an uncertain backdrop isn’t necessarily a hindrance. Read more
David Roberts

How to make money from bonds in a falling market

With government bonds expensive against long-run averages and policy moving back towards ‘old normal’ territory, investors are understandably asking how to make money from bonds. David Roberts outlines his current strategy. Read more
David Roberts

Mario – super once more?

Still dovish, or sharp talons and a clawed beak? David Roberts runs the rule over last week’s ECB announcement, including what he sees as a mistaken promise not to hike interest rates until late next year (at the earliest). Read more
John Husselbee

The beautiful game - tactics for successful fund management

With the World Cup kicking off in Russia tomorrow, John Husselbee reveals several insights the beautiful game can offer the world of investing. Read more
Shashank Savla

More Indian rate rises likely after first since 2014

Shashank Savla, fund manager in the Asia team, looks at the reasons behind this week’s Indian rate rise and explains why the team holds a cautious view on Indian equities. Read more

Calling for a food and drink revolution

Neil Brown

Neil Brown on the revolution needed in food and drink, with less than a third of products considered ‘healthy’. Read more
David Roberts

Where next for Italian bonds?

David Roberts considers the prospects for Italian bonds over the next few months: will the ECB step in – and potentially help the Eurosceptics looking to form a government – at a 2.5% yield? Read more
Harriet Parker

Navigating GDPR – threats and opportunities

With the 25 May GDPR deadline fast approaching, Harriet Parker looks at the potential impact of this regulation and the companies best placed to benefit by enhancing digital security. Read more
Mark Williams

MSCI A Share inclusion - symbolic rather than significant

The Chinese A Share market is one of the biggest in the world. MSCI will be including A Shares in its indices from the end of this month, but Mark Williams believes this move is symbolic rather than significant. Read more
David Roberts

Assessing risk/reward in Argentina and Italy

David Roberts assesses risk versus reward in Argentina as it calls in the IMF, and Italy, where a summer election looks increasingly likely. Read more
Mike Appleby

Carbon exposure: mitigating risks and finding opportunities

Liontrust’s Sustainable Future Funds continue to have a considerably smaller carbon footprint than mainstream equity indices. Mike Appleby explains the team’s approach to carbon risk, which involves investing in businesses innovating in the energy space as well as avoiding fossil fuel names. Read more
Victoria Stevens

How to spot Economic Advantage in newly listed companies

Victoria Stevens reveals how the team decides whether to invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). Read more
David Roberts

A return to the old normal?

With no action from the Federal Reserve overnight, commentators are suggesting it might be behind the curve and starting to take a risk with inflation. David Roberts considers early market reaction to the Fed’s hold. Read more
Phil Milburn

How much duration?

Phil Milburn explains the importance of managing absolute duration risk and not chasing the most expensive risks in the market in running the new Liontrust GF Strategic Bond Fund. Read more
Olly Russ

Can Macron usher in a Golden Decade for France?

With the French President in the midst of three months of rail strikes, Olly Russ looks at the prospects for Macron’s reform agenda. Read more
John Husselbee

How our strategic asset allocation is changing

John Husselbee lifts the lid on the scientific side of multi-asset investing, outlining the impact of our annual strategic asset allocation review. Read more
David Roberts

Italian politics – a renewed threat to the Goldilocks scenario?

David Roberts comments on current election turmoil in Italy – is this a renewed threat to the Goldilocks scenario? Read more
David Roberts

What do 3% US bond yields mean for investors?

With US 10-year bond yields breaching the 3% level today for the first time since 2014, David Roberts examines what this means for fixed income markets. Read more
David Roberts

Brexit caution should not delay rate hikes

Yesterday’s comments from Mark Carney suggest an interest rate hike in May is not a done deal. David Roberts argues that with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Brexit scenarios both ultimately resulting in inflation, rates need to rise. Read more

Ending plastic pollution – an ocean of opportunity

Neil Brown

Earth Day 2018 is focused on global solutions to plastic pollution as waste continues to clog up our oceans. As sustainable investors, we see the financial value, the environmental and social impacts and, therefore, the benefit to our clients in companies that can help deliver this transition. Read more
Olly Russ

Europe: It’s Working Again

A booming economy, stable political backdrop and improving company profits paint a benign picture for income investing in Europe, where high-yielding companies are plentiful. Olly Russ takes a look at the numbers. Read more
Phil Milburn

The wary canary and the LIBOR OIS spread

The US 3 month LIBOR OIS spread has widened since the start of the year, prompting questions about whether this is a sign of stress in the market for the wholesale liability financing of US banks. Phil Milburn analyses what has driven the widening and what this means for investors. Read more
Kenny Watson

Is green the new black for bonds?

There was record issuance of green bonds last year and levels are expected to exceed $250bn in 2018. Kenny Watson analyses the investment case for this part of the fixed income market. Read more
Mark Williams

Damaging ‘trade war’ still looks unlikely

Earlier this month, Mark Williams commented that ‘Trade Wars’ volatility could throw up investment opportunities. Following last week’s announcement of Trump’s tariff plan, he explains why he still thinks market volatility will exceed economic impact. Read more
Simon Clements

A postcard from Asia

Fresh from seeing companies across Japan, Hong Kong and China, Simon Clements reports back on a region increasingly embracing the idea that ESG can drive long-term success. Read more
John Husselbee

All eyes on the dollar

Tracking the dollar over the next 12 months and beyond will likely give a better perspective on markets than daily newsflow, according to John Husselbee. Read more
John Husselbee

Time to re-board the value train?

John Husselbee highlights a potential opportunity in value stocks this year after a long period out of favour since the financial crisis. Read more
John Husselbee

Winning by not losing in 2018 and beyond

Following another busy asset management conference season, John Husselbee picks out key talking points for the rest of 2018. Read more
David Roberts

Trump trumps Italy?

David Roberts considers how Donald Trump’s trade war threats and a troubled Italian election could affect bond markets. Read more
Olly Russ

What do higher rates mean for European equities?

Olly Russ takes a look at which European sectors stand to benefit – and which should be avoided – as investors adjust to the likelihood of higher interest rates. Read more
Mark Williams

‘Trade Wars’ volatility could throw up investment opportunities

Donald Trump has announced import tariffs on steel and aluminium, sparking fears of trade wars. Mark Williams explains what this means for investors in Asian equities. Read more
Jamie Clark

A unique opportunity to benefit from changes in life expectancy

How can declining improvements in life expectancy be a positive for Legal & General, a constituent of the Population Ageing Macro-Theme? In his latest blog, Jamie Clark explains. Read more

Calorie reduction targets lead drive towards healthier food

Neil Brown

With tough calorie reduction targets announced for the next five years, Neil Brown highlights stocks well placed to benefit from a move towards healthier eating. Read more
David Roberts

What the new Fed Chair means for bond markets

Jerome Powell has signalled that the US central bank is likely to raise rates by another 1% during 2018. In light of this, David Roberts outlines his core views on bond markets. Read more

Bullish predictions on electric cars too conservative

Neil Brown

Valeo has predicted this week that electric vehicles will comprise 10% of car sales by 2025. While this would represent major growth from the current 1%, Liontrust’s Neil Brown believes this estimate could ultimately prove to be conservative. Read more
Stephen Bailey

How we are plugging into the Battery Revolution

Stephen Bailey, manager of the Macro Equity Income Fund, draws some lessons from history as he highlights the best spot on the electric vehicle supply chain for investors to target. Read more
Aitken Ross

Where is the value in bond markets as rates rise?

With predictions of the end of the bond bull market and interest rates expected to continue to move upwards, Aitken Ross highlights where the Liontrust Sustainable Investment Fixed Income team see opportunities in what may be a tougher environment. Read more
Phil Milburn

Securitisations, alignment of interests and a recent DC Court ruling on CLO risk retention

Now if that catchy title does not tickle your fancy then you are still a functioning human and have not descended fully into the world of being a bond geek! However, the ruling does have some small ramifications for the US high yield bond market and is a sign of the retrenchment in regulation we are witnessing in the US. Read more
David Roberts

They think it’s all over, it isn’t yet

Following the yield curve flattening aggressively in January 2018, we have seen a “bear-steepener”: all bonds falling in price and longer dated ones suffering more. David Roberts explains what this might mean for investors. Read more
Mark Williams

Will the Year of the Dog be investors' best friend?

Today marks the start of the Chinese Spring Festival, ushering in the Year of the Dog. Mark Williams, co-manager of the Liontrust Asia Income Fund, examines whether the Chinese economy and equities will be in the global doghouse or leader of the pack. Read more
David Roberts

Finding relative value in bonds (or what to do when the world is against you)

Investors may believe the general level of prices in fixed income markets look a bit steep but David Roberts highlights three of the “macro” imbalances that he believes they can currently benefit from exploiting. Read more
Mark Williams

Why Korea is on the podium for our Fund’s exposure

At 10%, the Liontrust Asia Income Fund’s weighting to South Korea is the highest since it was launched in 2012. While the world’s attention is focused on the Winter Olympics and thawing relations between the two Koreas, Mark Williams explains how the improving corporate culture in the South is creating opportunities for income investors. Read more
Stuart Steven

Two themes for 2018 – steeper yields and avoiding expensive CoCos

Fixed income investors face two key themes this year. First, how to navigate rising interest rates and a steepening yield curve and, second, whether investors are being compensated for the risk of investing in CoCos. Stuart Steven, Head of the Sustainable Fixed Income team at Liontrust, explains the implications for investors. Read more
Jamie Clark

Ready for rising rates

In view of January’s leg higher in government bond yields, now seems like a good time to revisit our views on what we see as a fundamental shift in financial conditions. Read more
John Husselbee

Thoughts on a long-awaited correction

The stock market falls of the past few days appear to be driven by fear of rising inflation and interest rates. John Husselbee provides his thoughts on the long-awaited correction. Read more
David Roberts

Why markets have been pitched a curveball

The market falls of the past few days have been sparked by the worry that US interest rates will rise faster than expected. David Roberts, Head of Global Fixed Income at Liontrust, argues that the shape of the yield curve is in fact a superior forecaster and explains what it is telling us about the outlook for the economy. Read more

2018: what should investors expect this year?

Anthony Cross, Carolyn Chan, Neil Brown, John Husselbee, Olly Russ, Samantha Gleave & Stephen Bailey

In this short video, Liontrust fund managers discuss the potential opportunities, biggest risks and which events to look out for this year. Read more

Reasons to be cheerful in 2018

John Husselbee, Olly Russ, Jamie Clark, Mark Williams, Anthony Cross, Peter Michaelis & James Inglis-Jones

Stock markets reached record highs in 2017 as the second longest bull market in history continued. This strong equity performance was generated in spite of another year of global political uncertainty and rises in interest rates in the US and the UK. Can this positive environment for stock markets continue? Liontrust fund managers highlight data, trends and analysis that provide reason for investor optimism in 2018. Read more

Driving to a safer future

Neil Brown

Government figures show that more than 27,000 people were killed or seriously injured on UK roads over the 12 months to the end of June 2017, with more than 176,000 incidents in total. Read more