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Aitken Ross

Generating an income in a low yield environment

Aitken Ross, Investment Manager, looks at how we could offer the perfect solution for savers and retirees looking to generate income in a low yield environment. Read more

Four reasons to divest from fossil fuels

Tony Greenham, Head of Finance and Business at RSA, and member of our advisory committee, looks at the demise of fossil fuels in light of the recent COP22 conference in Marrakesh and why from an investment perspective divestment is the only sensible approach to take. Read more
Samantha Gleave

Picking Quality and Value routes to cash flow growth

Having had a cautious outlook for much of this year, we recently moved to a more neutral view on the prospects for European markets. The investment environment should continue to be one in which high-quality cash-generative stocks are in demand, but there are also pockets of the stock-market offering contrarian value opportunities. Read more
Jamie Clark

Why Friedman is out and Keynes is back

Our Macro-Thematic investment process seeks to identify durable investment themes and associated opportunities to generate unit holder returns. Macro themes do not issue from a pre-populated Excel formula, or similarly linear process. Read more
Mark Williams

Stock selection or country allocation – what’s the key to investing in Asia?

Mark Williams looks at the importance of stock selection relative to country allocation when investing in Asian equities. Read more
James Inglis-Jones

Lessons from 10 years at the helm of Liontrust European Growth

1. Define and thoroughly research an investment process before you start implementing it An investment process can’t simply be theoretical, it also needs to be backed up by historical analysis to demonstrate that it works. Read more
John Husselbee

Do you hear the people sing?

In my experience of fund management over the past thirty years, political risk has traditionally been more associated with emerging market economies rather than those of the developed world. The simple rationale has been that emerging market governments are typically considered to be less stable, and so investors should in turn demand a risk premium in the form of a higher expected return. Read more

Investing in the economy of tomorrow

Tim Jackson, Professor of Sustainable Development at the University of Surrey, and member of our advisory committee, looks at what tomorrow's economy will be like and why ATI are well placed to benefit from this inevitable shift. Read more
Laurie Don

Alzheimer's: new research provides big opportunities

Laurie Don, Investment Manager at ATI, discusses the potential investment opportunities in companies trialling new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Read more
Peter Michaelis

Electric dreams: when will every car be battery powered?

Investment Managers at ATI investigate how the obstacles currently facing the electric car industry may soon be overcome, presenting a promising investment opportunity. Read more
Chris Foster

Saving for the future: investing in retirement

Chris Foster, investment analyst at ATI, examines the radically shifting landscape of retirement saving in the UK and the investment opportunities it contains. Read more
Simon Clements

Immuno-oncology: a revolution in cancer treatment

Simon Clements, investment manager at ATI, examines current developments in cancer treatment where a new therapy is revolutionising our approach to the disease and creating investment opportunities. Read more

Bank of England action: the ATI view

Views from ATI's key fund managers on the potential impact on major asset classes of last week's Bank of England decision to cut interest rates and increase quantitative easing. Read more
Mike Appleby

Long-term trends in the global automotive industry

Mike Appleby, investment manager explains how big changes in the car industry are informing where we see the best investment prospects in the sector. Read more
Mike Appleby

Renewable energy: opportunities and challenges

Mike Appleby, investment manager on the ATI Sustainable Future fund team, outlines where he sees both the promise and the pitfalls in the renewable energy sector. Read more
Simon Clements

Investment opportunities in DNA sequencing

Simon Clements, investment manager on the ATI Sustainable Future fund team explains how he is capitalising on exciting developments within the DNA sequencing space. Read more
Harriet Parker

Gender equality: an important investment issue

Harriet Parker, investment manager on the ATI Sustainable Future fund team explains how gender equality can improve company performance and boost investment returns. Read more
Martyn Jones

Chipotle: an investment standoff

Investment analyst Martyn Jones outlines the investment case for Mexican fast food chain Chipotle, considering whether the firm can regain the trust of its customers following a recent E-Coli outbreak. Read more
Neil Brown

Three years on from Rana Plaza: taking stock

As we approach the third anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, it is important for us as investors in the apparel sector to reflect on what has changed in the industry since 2013. Read more
Simon Clements

The disruptive technologies set to change the world

Simon Clements, investment manager, looks how technological change is a constant feature of the modern digital age, providing a wealth of investment opportunities. Read more
Neil Brown

Is Sustainable Palm Oil viable?

How can we ensure population growth is managed in a more sustainable manner to reduce the negative effect it's having on climate change and biodiversity? Read more
Mike Appleby

COP21: What it means going forward and the effects it will have

Through the Paris Accord more than 190 countries have approved a landmark deal on climate action. Read more
Mike Appleby

Five companies to watch in Sustainable Future funds

Mike Appleby, Investment Manager, identifies five companies to watch which demonstrate our investment philosophy in practice. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 4: Insuring a Sustainable Future?

Insurance can spread the risk faced by an individual or a corporation amongst many other factors. In markets where there is high penetration of insurance, companies are prone to poor practices when trying to maintain high returns. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 3: Banks - what we look for and the part they play

If you type in Google “why are bankers not” then the suggested completed sentence is “in jail”. Banks, and their employees, generally have a bad reputation. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 2: Peer-to-peer lenders

The second of our four part series on financial resilience explores this relatively new market and considers some of the investment possibilities. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 1: Data processing and secure payments

This is the first part of a four part series around the subject of financial resilience, a key theme we have been researching this year and an increasingly important issue. Read more
Harriet Parker

Corporate tax responsibility dilemma

Over the past year, we have been working with the Principles for Responsible Investment and ten global investors, exploring the issue of corporate tax responsibility. Read more
Peter Michaelis

What the UK wants and needs from the banking system

Over the past 18 months, a select group of influential bankers and stakeholders have worked together to produce a report which explores how to rebuild a healthy banking sector in the UK. Read more