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Aitken Ross

The case for sustainable insurance

While insurance is unlikely to be the first area that comes to mind for ESG investors, with attractive sustainable credentials, fundamentals and valuations, the sector demands a core position in the SF Bond portfolios. Read more
Aitken Ross

The ESG effect in bond markets

Aitken Ross explains how investing in bonds of companies that benefit society and the environment can potentially enhance returns and reduce volatility. Read more
Aitken Ross

Where is the value in bond markets as rates rise?

With predictions of the end of the bond bull market and interest rates expected to continue to move upwards, Aitken Ross highlights where the Liontrust Sustainable Investment Fixed Income team see opportunities in what may be a tougher environment. Read more
Aitken Ross

Generating an income in a low yield environment

Aitken Ross, Investment Manager, looks at how we could offer the perfect solution for savers and retirees looking to generate income in a low yield environment. Read more