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Chris Foster

Will a cashless society pay off?

Debate continues to rage about the diminishing role of cash in society and whether this risks leaving swathes of the population behind. Chris Foster says the shift to digital payment brings net positives overall, highlighting the potential reduction in tax evasion and exposing the shadow economy. Read more
Chris Foster

Banking on returns

Chris Foster describes how banks can drive shareholder returns by being a powerful force for good for their customers. Read more
Chris Foster

Saving for the future: investing in retirement

Chris Foster, investment analyst at ATI, examines the radically shifting landscape of retirement saving in the UK and the investment opportunities it contains. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 4: Insuring a Sustainable Future?

Insurance can spread the risk faced by an individual or a corporation amongst many other factors. In markets where there is high penetration of insurance, companies are prone to poor practices when trying to maintain high returns. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 3: Banks - what we look for and the part they play

If you type in Google “why are bankers not” then the suggested completed sentence is “in jail”. Banks, and their employees, generally have a bad reputation. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 2: Peer-to-peer lenders

The second of our four part series on financial resilience explores this relatively new market and considers some of the investment possibilities. Read more
Chris Foster

Financial resilience part 1: Data processing and secure payments

This is the first part of a four part series around the subject of financial resilience, a key theme we have been researching this year and an increasingly important issue. Read more