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Harriet Parker

Active stewardship: building trust through integrity

Harriet Parker explains why engagement is key to driving positive change at companies as well as dealing with controversies. Read more
Harriet Parker

Living in a digital world

Digital technologies account for more greenhouse gas emissions than civil aviation. To address this, Harriet Parker explores the mitigating and financial benefits of outsourced data centres. Read more
Harriet Parker

Navigating GDPR – threats and opportunities

With the 25 May GDPR deadline fast approaching, Harriet Parker looks at the potential impact of this regulation and the companies best placed to benefit by enhancing digital security. Read more
Harriet Parker

Gender equality: an important investment issue

Harriet Parker, investment manager on the ATI Sustainable Future fund team explains how gender equality can improve company performance and boost investment returns. Read more
Harriet Parker

Corporate tax responsibility dilemma

Over the past year, we have been working with the Principles for Responsible Investment and ten global investors, exploring the issue of corporate tax responsibility. Read more