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John Husselbee

How to avoid FOMO investing

With fear of missing out tendencies driving investor behaviour over recent years, John Husselbee stresses the importance of ignoring market noise. Read more
John Husselbee

Jellyfish, roast Turkey and a lucky gold ring

John Husselbee surveys the investment landscape as summer draws to a close, with recent months reinforcing the importance of riding out short-term market stings. Read more
John Husselbee

Why comparing bull markets is baseless

With much being made of the S&P 500 hitting its longest ever bull run, John Husselbee considers what this record means and how much further it could go. Read more
John Husselbee

The beautiful game - tactics for successful fund management

With the World Cup kicking off in Russia tomorrow, John Husselbee reveals several insights the beautiful game can offer the world of investing. Read more
John Husselbee

How our strategic asset allocation is changing

John Husselbee lifts the lid on the scientific side of multi-asset investing, outlining the impact of our annual strategic asset allocation review. Read more
John Husselbee

All eyes on the dollar

Tracking the dollar over the next 12 months and beyond will likely give a better perspective on markets than daily newsflow, according to John Husselbee. Read more
John Husselbee

Time to re-board the value train?

John Husselbee highlights a potential opportunity in value stocks this year after a long period out of favour since the financial crisis. Read more
John Husselbee

Winning by not losing in 2018 and beyond

Following another busy asset management conference season, John Husselbee picks out key talking points for the rest of 2018. Read more
John Husselbee

Thoughts on a long-awaited correction

The stock market falls of the past few days appear to be driven by fear of rising inflation and interest rates. John Husselbee provides his thoughts on the long-awaited correction. Read more
John Husselbee

2017 in review – and a glance towards 2018

As many predicted, the twin forces of Brexit and Donald Trump have dominated headlines in a year of elections, nuclear sabre rattling and, for the most part, rising markets. John Husselbee looks back at the key events of 2017 and forward to next year – with more Trump, more Brexit and a side order of policy normalisation to keep things exciting. Read more
John Husselbee

Winning by not losing: parking the fund management bus

Defensive tactics in football often come under fire but can form the basis of a title-winning campaign. A key part of our investment approach is winning by not losing, meaning we focus as much on avoiding losses as we do on generating gains, and we believe this can help to produce long-term wealth creation. Read more
John Husselbee

Is it worth waiting for a correction?

Last week’s first interest rate rise in the UK for 10 years was widely trumpeted as a boon for savers, with deposit rates having been pinned close to zero since 2009. Read more
John Husselbee

The best of times, the worst of times

We are living through a time of historic contradictions: political turbulence and yet market highs and low market volatility. John Husselbee analyses four potential triggers that might lead to market falls in the second half of the year. Read more
John Husselbee

The Multi-Asset Process

July 2017 market review

The July 2017 market overview is available. Read more
John Husselbee

Living in a low-volatility world

Volatility – or the current lack of it – is a hot topic in investment circles, with the so-called Fear index in the US (known as the Vix) sitting at all-time lows. Read more
John Husselbee

Great Expectations?

Financial markets are often said to be driven by investor expectations, the so-called fear and greed. This is perhaps best summarised by the frequently quoted father of value investing, Benjamin Graham: "In the short run, the market is a voting machine but, in the long run, it is a weighing machine.” Read more
John Husselbee

A desynchronising world

Are you still playing Pokémon Go? The online game was released to the world in early July this year and soon went viral over the summer. However the game today is seemingly unfashionable with its rapid decline in recent months clearly charted by Google Trends. And whilst gamers are abandoning Pokémon Go, it seems that investors are beginning to shy away from government bonds. Read more
John Husselbee

Do you hear the people sing?

In my experience of fund management over the past thirty years, political risk has traditionally been more associated with emerging market economies rather than those of the developed world. The simple rationale has been that emerging market governments are typically considered to be less stable, and so investors should in turn demand a risk premium in the form of a higher expected return. Read more