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Julian Fosh

UK Growth Fund at cheapest level relative to market for a decade

Stocks in the UK Growth Fund tend to trade at a premium valuation to the market average. Julian Fosh explains why this is the case and looks at how new portfolio additions have helped pull the premium down to its cheapest point in a decade. Read more
Julian Fosh

Buying Bunzl – how its market position could strengthen during the crisis

Julian Fosh profiles the latest stock to be added to UK Growth Fund and explains how its barriers to competition could allow it to enhance its market position during the Covid-19 crisis. Read more
Julian Fosh

Why we have invested in IMI

The stockmarket setback in March allowed the Economic Advantage team to add a new company to the UK Growth Fund at an attractive price. Fund manager Julian Fosh explains how this high-quality cyclical stock could provide some upside to the eventual economic recovery from Covid-19. Read more
Julian Fosh

Reports of Quality’s death are greatly exaggerated

Over the last year or so, there has been a growing investment debate over the prospects for ‘quality’ and ‘value’ investment styles. The concern for some is that shares in high-quality companies have performed very well, and could be vulnerable to a correction relative to ‘value’ stocks. Read more
Julian Fosh

Five small & mid-cap picks

The Liontrust UK Growth Fund invests in companies with Economic Advantage characteristics across the UK market cap spectrum. We currently have over a third of the Fund invested in small and mid-cap stocks and here I highlight five of the best. Read more