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Mark Williams

Trade war perceptions shift ahead of US mid-terms

The US-China ‘trade war’ has become a defining feature of 2018. Mark Williams asks what role next week’s US mid-term elections may have played in the escalation of tensions; explains why recent falls leave markets looking oversold; and takes a look at the longer-term consequences for investing in Asia. Read more
Mark Williams

MSCI A Share inclusion - symbolic rather than significant

The Chinese A Share market is one of the biggest in the world. MSCI will be including A Shares in its indices from the end of this month, but Mark Williams believes this move is symbolic rather than significant. Read more
Mark Williams

Damaging ‘trade war’ still looks unlikely

Earlier this month, Mark Williams commented that ‘Trade Wars’ volatility could throw up investment opportunities. Following last week’s announcement of Trump’s tariff plan, he explains why he still thinks market volatility will exceed economic impact. Read more
Mark Williams

‘Trade Wars’ volatility could throw up investment opportunities

Donald Trump has announced import tariffs on steel and aluminium, sparking fears of trade wars. Mark Williams explains what this means for investors in Asian equities. Read more
Mark Williams

Will the Year of the Dog be investors' best friend?

Today marks the start of the Chinese Spring Festival, ushering in the Year of the Dog. Mark Williams, co-manager of the Liontrust Asia Income Fund, examines whether the Chinese economy and equities will be in the global doghouse or leader of the pack. Read more
Mark Williams

Why Korea is on the podium for our Fund’s exposure

At 10%, the Liontrust Asia Income Fund’s weighting to South Korea is the highest since it was launched in 2012. While the world’s attention is focused on the Winter Olympics and thawing relations between the two Koreas, Mark Williams explains how the improving corporate culture in the South is creating opportunities for income investors. Read more
Mark Williams

Shopping for Chinese consumer stocks

Last Saturday's Singles Day, the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday, generated more than $25bn in sales for Alibaba alone. Mark Williams explains how consumption growth in Asia is leading to investment opportunities for the Liontrust Asia Income Fund. Read more
Mark Williams

Is China’s debt “dangerous”?

Headlines can be misleading, as proved by last week’s IMF report on China. “IMF warns China over ‘dangerous levels of debt’’’ reported the FT, quoting the IMF statement that “international experience suggests that China’s current credit trajectory is dangerous with increasing risks of a disruptive adjustment”. Read more
Mark Williams

Three reasons to be cautious on Australia

The Liontrust Asia Income Fund has had relatively little exposure to Australia since its launch, which to date has been a positive for the portfolio. Here we look at three of the main reasons for our cautious stance. Read more
Mark Williams

Seoul searching – why we have increased our Korea exposure

Last week I returned from spending four days in Seoul. There I had met the management teams of 19 companies, all of whom paid out dividends, with yields averaging almost 3%. Read more
Mark Williams

Improving prospects for one of Asia’s cheapest markets

Over twelve months to the end of March the KOSPI, South Korea’s main equity index, has risen by almost 13% in US$ terms. Read more
Mark Williams

Should investors in Asia worry about Trump?

In the run-up to the US Presidential election, Donald Trump loudly lambasted the Chinese, threatening to attack what he seemed to see as iniquitous trade policies. Before the vote he threatened to retaliate for China ‘raping’ America on trade, to impose massive tariffs on Chinese imports and on his first day in the White House labelled China a currency manipulator. Read more
Mark Williams

Five stocks to crow about in the Year of the Rooster

This article was first published by Citywire Wealth Manager on 16 February 2017 • Lite-0n Technology Corp: Giving you the dual-camera you never knew you wanted Lite-On manufactures power supplies, components for consumer electronics, and optoelectronics. Read more
Mark Williams

What prospects for China in the Year of the Rooster?

The Liontrust Asia Income Fund had slightly over 40% exposure to Hong Kong and China at the start of the year. All of this is via companies listed in Hong Kong (not A-shares, listed in the Chinese mainland markets), but they are companies with exposure to the mainland Chinese market, rather than the Hong Kong economy, which we think will struggle in a world of rising United State interest rates. Read more
Mark Williams

Stock selection or country allocation – what’s the key to investing in Asia?

Mark Williams looks at the importance of stock selection relative to country allocation when investing in Asian equities. Read more