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Martyn Jones

Encouraging sustainable leisure – introducing our new theme

With leisure activities seen as a fundamental human need and increasingly important for a healthier future, Martyn Jones introduces the Sustainable Investment team’s newest theme and some of the stocks exposed to it. Read more
Martyn Jones

Why low-cost gyms remain fit for our funds post Covid-19

Despite concerns about how quickly people will return to the UK’s freshly reopened gyms, Martyn Jones believes a few low-cost disruptors, with their cheaper fees and flexible membership, will increasingly dominate the market. Read more
Martyn Jones

Investing beyond meat

Long read: Food and farming are responsible for 25% of global emissions. Martyn Jones explores some of the alternative options to meat and the opportunities that have grown (or hopped) into the picture for investors. Read more
Martyn Jones

An ocean of opportunity (in fishing nets and carpets)

With plastic pollution continuing to dominate headlines, Martyn Jones highlights a recent stock addition to our SF funds that is making waves in the growing area of regenerated materials. Read more
Martyn Jones

Learning the value of education

Education plays a part in four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and benefits countries financially, with every $1 invested yielding $10 in economic returns. Martyn Jones of the Liontrust Sustainable Investment team explains how investors may also benefit from the expected growth in spending on education around the world. Read more
Martyn Jones

Healthy investing

Martyn Jones explains how companies can help people achieve a better lifestyle through healthier eating and physical activity, while also potentially benefitting financially. Read more
Martyn Jones

Chipotle: an investment standoff

Investment analyst Martyn Jones outlines the investment case for Mexican fast food chain Chipotle, considering whether the firm can regain the trust of its customers following a recent E-Coli outbreak. Read more