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Mike Appleby

Investing to reduce carbon emissions

How we generate and consume energy is undergoing huge change but the science is telling us to act ever faster to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Mike Appleby explains how our Sustainable funds are emitting less carbon than the markets in which they invest and the potential benefits for investors. Read more
Mike Appleby

The materials challenge – from linear to circular

While plastic pollution continues to dominate the news agenda, Mike Appleby explains how a more nuanced look at the broader materials sector can potentially reap rewards for investors. Read more
Mike Appleby

Assessing the social side of ESG

Social is the toughest of the ESG trio to analyse but with growing client demand for data on how companies affect people’s everyday lives, Mike Appleby highlights the team’s developing work with social indicators. Read more
Mike Appleby

Reappraising the social networks

Given the rapid development of social networks across multiple areas, Mike Appleby says close scrutiny is required to ensure these businesses have a positive impact on society and are suitable for sustainable investors. The answer, for certain names, appears to be no at this stage. Read more
Mike Appleby

Carbon exposure: mitigating risks and finding opportunities

Liontrust’s Sustainable Future Funds continue to have a considerably smaller carbon footprint than mainstream equity indices. Mike Appleby explains the team’s approach to carbon risk, which involves investing in businesses innovating in the energy space as well as avoiding fossil fuel names. Read more
Mike Appleby

Lower CO2 emissions from Liontrust Sustainable Future Funds

Analysis shows the Liontrust Sustainable Future Funds continue to emit significantly less CO2 – on average emitting 65% less carbon dioxide from their operations than their benchmarks, as the illustration and chart show. Read more
Mike Appleby

How the Sustainable Future funds are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

We have been asked by clients to show how the companies we invest in for our Sustainable Future range of funds are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Read more
Mike Appleby

Sustainable business

Sustainable investment offers business opportunities to advisers because we believe that interest in and demand for this area will only continue to grow. Read more
Mike Appleby

Sustainable Future funds emit much less carbon dioxide than their benchmark

Mike Appleby, Investment Manager analyses how much carbon dioxide is emitted by our funds compared to the markets they invest in. Read more
Mike Appleby

Will Trump kill investment returns for sustainable funds?

Mike Appleby, Investment Manager, addresses the concerns around Trump's potential negative impact on the renewable energy sector and why he still believes ATI is well positioned to navigate these political uncertainties. Read more
Mike Appleby

Long-term trends in the global automotive industry

Mike Appleby, investment manager explains how big changes in the car industry are informing where we see the best investment prospects in the sector. Read more
Mike Appleby

Renewable energy: opportunities and challenges

Mike Appleby, investment manager on the ATI Sustainable Future fund team, outlines where he sees both the promise and the pitfalls in the renewable energy sector. Read more
Mike Appleby

COP21: What it means going forward and the effects it will have

Through the Paris Accord more than 190 countries have approved a landmark deal on climate action. Read more
Mike Appleby

Five companies to watch in Sustainable Future funds

Mike Appleby, Investment Manager, identifies five companies to watch which demonstrate our investment philosophy in practice. Read more