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Neil Brown

Investing in travel’s Silver Bullet

With clear advantages in terms of speed, safety and environmental impact over the increasingly unpopular car, we are barrelling down the tracks towards a new age of the train. Neil Brown looks at companies driving innovation in a sector looking to rejuvenate its image. Read more
Neil Brown

Are we nearing ‘peak car’?

With congestion rising across our cities we look at the investment opportunities arising from a ‘peak car’ world. Read more
Neil Brown

Europe acts to tackle single-use plastics

Neil Brown highlights boost for companies tackling plastic pollution as European politicians look to ban worst single-use products. Read more
Neil Brown

Calling for a food and drink revolution

Neil Brown on the revolution needed in food and drink, with less than a third of products considered ‘healthy’. Read more
Neil Brown

Ending plastic pollution – an ocean of opportunity

Earth Day 2018 is focused on global solutions to plastic pollution as waste continues to clog up our oceans. As sustainable investors, we see the financial value, the environmental and social impacts and, therefore, the benefit to our clients in companies that can help deliver this transition. Read more
Neil Brown

Calorie reduction targets lead drive towards healthier food

With tough calorie reduction targets announced for the next five years, Neil Brown highlights stocks well placed to benefit from a move towards healthier eating. Read more
Neil Brown

Bullish predictions on electric cars too conservative

Valeo has predicted this week that electric vehicles will comprise 10% of car sales by 2025. While this would represent major growth from the current 1%, Liontrust’s Neil Brown believes this estimate could ultimately prove to be conservative. Read more
Neil Brown

Driving to a safer future

Government figures show that more than 27,000 people were killed or seriously injured on UK roads over the 12 months to the end of June 2017, with more than 176,000 incidents in total. Read more
Neil Brown

The investment opportunity in ‘Fossil Fuel Free’

Neil Brown discusses how Liontrust’s Sustainable Future Funds benefit from investing in businesses that are profiting from the ‘Fossil Free’ movement. Read more
Neil Brown

Road to prosperity

The United Nations has targets to halve the number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents by 2020. This is not only the right thing to do but is also profitable for those companies that can develop the technologies that will deliver this target. Read more
Neil Brown

Why we look for businesses which don’t rely on regulation

Neil Brown, co-manager on the Liontrust Sustainable Investment team, speaks to CNBC’s Squawk Box. Read more
Neil Brown


This Sunday marks the end of Fashion Revolution Week, the centrepiece of a campaign to increase transparency in the global garment industry. Read more
Neil Brown

Three years on from Rana Plaza: taking stock

As we approach the third anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh, it is important for us as investors in the apparel sector to reflect on what has changed in the industry since 2013. Read more
Neil Brown

Is Sustainable Palm Oil viable?

How can we ensure population growth is managed in a more sustainable manner to reduce the negative effect it's having on climate change and biodiversity? Read more
Neil Brown

Integrating water into our investment decisions

Access to usable water is one of the most critical aspects of both personal and corporate survival. Yet, for such an important issue it has remained stubbornly difficult to value. Read more