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Olly Russ

Five world-class companies we hold in Europe

The political issues facing Europe often overshadow the strength of its companies. Olly Russ highlights five world-class European companies with famous brands such as Activia, Evian and Tamiflu that are held in the Liontrust European Income funds. Read more
Olly Russ

The winners and losers from 20 years of the euro

Long read: The euro reaching the age of 20 has slipped under the radar amid the ongoing Brexit saga. Olly Russ analyses whether the single currency has been a success or if the Cassandra voices warning of trouble ahead were right after all, and he looks at which countries have been the winners and losers from the euro. Read more
Olly Russ

Using the return of volatility to boost income

The European Central Bank is due to end its bond-buying programme next month, in what should be an inflection point for market volatility. Find out how Olly Russ is exploiting this volatility to generate extra portfolio income. Read more
Olly Russ

Italy – don’t mistake a negotiating tactic for a genuine attempt to leave the euro

Long read: Olly Russ analyses how Italy’s EU negotiating tactics have opened up an investment opportunity. Read more
Olly Russ

Can Macron usher in a Golden Decade for France?

With the French President in the midst of three months of rail strikes, Olly Russ looks at the prospects for Macron’s reform agenda. Read more
Olly Russ

Europe: It’s Working Again

A booming economy, stable political backdrop and improving company profits paint a benign picture for income investing in Europe, where high-yielding companies are plentiful. Olly Russ takes a look at the numbers. Read more
Olly Russ

What do higher rates mean for European equities?

Olly Russ takes a look at which European sectors stand to benefit – and which should be avoided – as investors adjust to the likelihood of higher interest rates. Read more
Olly Russ

Are the stars aligning for European equities?

Olly Russ explains why the earnings dynamic in Europe has changed and why he is optimistic about the political and economic outlook for the continent. Read more
Olly Russ

Banking on European growth

Nordea’s decision to relocate from Sweden to Finland has two important implications for investors in the sector: first, banks are once again welcomed by governments following their post-crisis fall from grace; secondly, and consequently, the Europe-wide trend for higher tax and capital requirements may have finally met effective resistance from bank management. Read more
Olly Russ

Sea of opportunity in Europe has tide turning for earnings

Liontrust’s European Income fund managers Olly Russ and Oisin O’Leary speak with Citywire about the good news stories they’re finding in Europe. Read more
Olly Russ

The return of confidence in Europe

This weekend we saw the Italian government bail out two failing banks (Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza) in an arrangement which could cost the taxpayer €17bn, while handing off the ‘good assets’ to Intesa Sanpaolo. Read more
Olly Russ

It’s the economy (not politics)

Today’s Dutch election result saw the incumbent centre-right VVD party beat populist anti-immigration candidate Geert Wilder’s eurosceptic PVV party. Read more
Olly Russ

Renzi loses Italian Job

As both betting markets and opinion polls predicted (for once), Italian PM Matteo Renzi lost his referendum for constitutional reform, and with it his job. Although the polls were correct in predicting the outcome, they understated the emphatic margin by which the proposals were defeated, which now look to be 59:41 in favour of a ‘No’. Renzi took the hint, and in a somewhat rambling speech eventually managed to announce his intention to tender his resignation later this afternoon. Read more
Olly Russ

How will markets react to the Italian referendum result?

The key question in European investment at the moment is of course ‘Do you approve the text of the constitutional bill concerning "Dispositions for the surmounting of perfect bicameralism, the reduction of the number of Members of Parliament, the reduction of institutional operating costs, the abolition of CNEL and the revision of Title V of Part II of the Constitution," which was approved by Parliament and published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 88, on April 15, 2016?’. Read more