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Samantha Gleave

WATCH: European value stocks we favour

In this Bite-size View, Samantha Gleave highlights the value stocks in Europe that she believes offer investment opportunities. Read more
Samantha Gleave

WATCH: Where are the opportunities in Europe?

With the European Growth Fund celebrating its 15th anniversary in November, in this short video Samantha Gleave discusses the current investment opportunities across the continent. Read more
Samantha Gleave

Evaluating our transition into value

During the Covid-19 market turmoil, the Cashflow Solution team began adding deep value stocks to their portfolios. Eighteen months on, Samantha Gleave reflects on the success of this strategy and looks at how the value rally may now evolve. Read more
Samantha Gleave

Avoiding the crowds

Taking a contrarian investment view may seem like an added risk after all the uncertainty this year but Samantha Gleave explains why investors should consider avoiding the crowds. Read more
Samantha Gleave

Vaccine rally highlights value opportunity

Value stocks have staged a rally since the positive vaccine news. Sam Gleave argues that the underlying trends for the investment style have been attractive for some time and asks whether this could be the trigger of a regime change for markets. Read more
Samantha Gleave

Value in a modern economy

Value’s poor run has raised questions about whether the current measures of the investing style are outdated. Samantha Gleave argues that cash flow provides a more holistic way to assess value in the modern company. Read more
Samantha Gleave

What does the BoE’s rate hint mean for stock pickers?

“…monetary policy could need to be tightened by a somewhat greater extent over the forecast period than current market expectations.” Monetary Policy Committee Decision, 14 September 2017. Read more
Samantha Gleave

Five European small cap picks

In this blog, I am taking the opportunity to look at five of the stocks we have included in the GF European Smaller Companies Fund, which we launched at the start of February. Read more
Samantha Gleave

Picking Quality and Value routes to cash flow growth

Having had a cautious outlook for much of this year, we recently moved to a more neutral view on the prospects for European markets. The investment environment should continue to be one in which high-quality cash-generative stocks are in demand, but there are also pockets of the stock-market offering contrarian value opportunities. Read more