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Simon Clements

A digital postcard from San Francisco

As the US celebrates Independence Day, Liontrust’s Simon Clements reflects on his recent visit to the US, and explains how companies such as Paypal are helping make the world a safer and more efficient place. Read more
Simon Clements

Simon Clements’ letter from America

As those across the Atlantic gear up for a day of feasting, “football” and family this Thanksgiving Thursday, Simon Clements reflects on his recent trip to the US, and the investment opportunities arising in Boston, Chicago and Milwaukee. Read more
Simon Clements

Constructing a revolution

Design errors on large construction projects can cost millions to fix and waste huge amounts of time. Simon Clements outlines advances in Building Information Modelling (BIM), which is revolutionising how these projects are managed, and the investment opportunities this is presenting. Read more
Simon Clements

The Cobot revolution

Rising interest in robotics has understandably led to concerns about how this innovation might affect the workforce. Simon Clements makes the case for the small but fast-growing collaborative robot space, which work alongside people rather than replacing them while also improving efficiency and safety. Read more
Simon Clements

A postcard from Asia

Fresh from seeing companies across Japan, Hong Kong and China, Simon Clements reports back on a region increasingly embracing the idea that ESG can drive long-term success. Read more
Simon Clements

What is the next frontier in the digital age?

The digital age has exploded onto the scene and changed the world in many ways. Most of us now feel lost if we don’t have our smartphone close to hand, while misplacing it feels a bit like losing an arm. Read more
Simon Clements

A postcard from the West Coast

Having spent the last week visiting the West Coast of the US, I was struck by the innovation and growth of businesses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles. Read more
Simon Clements

Immuno-oncology: a revolution in cancer treatment

Simon Clements, investment manager at ATI, examines current developments in cancer treatment where a new therapy is revolutionising our approach to the disease and creating investment opportunities. Read more
Simon Clements

Investment opportunities in DNA sequencing

Simon Clements, investment manager on the ATI Sustainable Future fund team explains how he is capitalising on exciting developments within the DNA sequencing space. Read more
Simon Clements

The disruptive technologies set to change the world

Simon Clements, investment manager, looks how technological change is a constant feature of the modern digital age, providing a wealth of investment opportunities. Read more