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Welcome to Liontrust Insights, where you can discover the latest investment views and ideas of our experienced fund managers.

Here you can read about, watch and listen to our fund managers’ latest views on and insights into economies, markets, sectors, companies and their funds. To receive regular insights and updates from our fund management teams by email, please register here.

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Liontrust Insights - Article
10 trades for the New Year (revisited after six turbulent months)
David Roberts, 30 June 2020

Back in January, David Roberts identified 10 high-quality sovereign trades. Nearly six months later and with the world living with Covid-19, David assesses how successful these trades have been and what they now say about the outlook for bond markets. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Where we see an opportunity in today’s market
James Inglis-Jones, 25 June 2020

The proprietary market indicators used by the Cashflow Solution team suggests value stocks in aggregate look exceptionally cheap relative to history. James Inglis-Jones explains why, what else the indicators are telling them and how their funds are positioned to exploit this. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Which countries offer Asia’s best income prospects?
Mark Williams, 24 June 2020

Dividends in Asia are likely to be more resilient to Covid-19 pressures than Western markets. Mark Williams analyses the best income opportunities in the region. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
10 macro and micro fixed income trades for summer
Global Fixed Income team, 23 June 2020
Active management is largely about taking opportunities and the Global Fixed Income team highlight ten potential alpha sources in their funds for the summer months, across macro trades, investment grade and high yield. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
India – between a rock and a hard place
Shashank Savla, 19 June 2020
India began to lift its lockdown measures in early June. Shashank Savla thinks this risks a substantial rise in infections, which would delay economic recovery and leave Indian equities looking expensive. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Sustainable Investment Team Engagement & Voting Review 2019
Liontrust Sustainable Investment Team
The team has been engaging on key ESG issues for nearly two decades to challenge and encourage companies to manage proactively the wider aspects of their businesses and implement better practices. In the 2019 Review, the team reflects on the impact of their engagement and their priorities for the next few years. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Should 2020’s unpredictability force a sustainable rethink?
Peter Michaelis, 15 June 2020

The terrible events of the first half of the year have further highlighted the issues of social inequality and the parlous state of our natural world. Liontrust’s Peter Michaelis explains why capital markets and competition between companies can serve society to help produce a more sustainable world. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
What are the prospects for Sustainable growth in the UK?
Peter Michaelis, 4 June 2020

Following the enforced behavioural changes by Covid-19, Peter Michaelis analyses which UK stocks may benefit from positive structural growth over the long term. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
The European dividend outlook
Olly Russ, 2 June 2020
This year will be challenging for income investors, but 2021 could see companies free of restrictions and awash with capital. Olly Russ looks at the European dividend outlook. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Why we have invested in IMI
Julian Fosh, 2 June 2020

The stockmarket setback in March allowed the Economic Advantage team to add a new company to the UK Growth Fund at an attractive price. Fund manager Julian Fosh explains how this high-quality cyclical stock could provide some upside to the eventual economic recovery from Covid-19. Read more

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