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Please read these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) carefully before proceeding as they explain important information you need to be aware of when using our website.

By continuing to access our website, you expressly acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms and agree to abide by them.

The information on this website is issued by Liontrust’s group of companies (“Liontrust”, “us”, “we”), and is issued by Liontrust Fund Partners LLP to website users who have provided a UK declaration, and issued by Liontrust International (Luxembourg) S.A. to all other website users. 


Access to this website

By accessing this website, you have indicated your country of residence and your user category. Your selection will be used to determine the information that you will be able to access on this website. Certain information on this website and certain Liontrust investment products and services may not be available in all geographical locations and the information on this website has been tailored accordingly. Please do not attempt to gain access to areas of this website other than those made available to you.


Offering and selling restrictions

The availability of (i) the Liontrust services and (ii) each Liontrust investment product is subject to restrictions. The distribution of units or shares in the investment products, and the offering of services contained in this website in certain jurisdictions may be restricted and, accordingly, persons accessing information on these investment products and services are required to inform themselves about, and to observe, such restrictions. Specifically, this website is not intended for use by any person in the United States. Products contained in this website may not be recognised or approved by overseas regulatory authorities and you may breach local laws if you proceed.


No advice

Liontrust does not offer investment advice nor recommendations and the investment products and services detailed in this website may not be suitable for you. Any prices and other information on this website is provided for your information only and does not constitute a personal recommendation or advice. If you are in any doubt about the information detailed on this website then you should consult your stockbroker, bank manager, solicitor, accountant or other financial adviser duly authorised in this regard.

Any decision to invest in any Liontrust product or acquire any Liontrust services should be based solely on the final legal documentation and, if applicable, any relevant investment management agreement, information memorandum, management regulations, prospectus, key investor information document, the annual report and the annual and half-yearly accounts or equivalent documents.


Tax Implications

Investing can involve complex tax structuring, which should be reviewed carefully by clients and investors. Furthermore, certain investments may result in income tax payments becoming due and owing. Liontrust does not provide any advice on tax as relating to our investment services or investment products as this will depend on your own circumstances, and tax rules may change in the future.


Past performance

Past performance does not predict future returns and performance is not guaranteed. The value of an investment and the income from it can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the amount originally invested.



The price of units or shares of an investment product or the value of an investment mandate and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed and investors and clients may not get back the amount originally invested.

An investor who sells units or shares of an investment product or who terminates an investment mandate after a short period may not realise the amount originally invested in view of any initial payments which may have been made. Specially with respect to fund units, the difference at any one time between the net asset value of units or shares for the purposes of purchases and redemptions means that the investment products listed on this website should be viewed as medium to long term.


Risk warnings

Investment in emerging markets or smaller companies involve risk factors and special considerations which may not be typically associated with investing in more developed markets. Political or economic change and instability may be more likely to occur and have a greater effect on the economies and markets of emerging countries. Adverse government policies, international sanctions, taxation, restrictions on foreign investment and on currency convertibility and repatriation, currency fluctuations and other developments in the laws and regulations of emerging countries in which investment may be made, including expropriation, nationalisation or other confiscation could result in loss . Securities of smaller companies may, from time to time, and especially in falling markets, become illiquid and experience short-term price volatility and wide spreads between bid and offer prices. Investment in smaller companies may involve higher risk than investment in larger companies.

The above-mentioned risk factors are not to be considered exhaustive. For further information on specific products or services, please refer to the relevant prospectus, Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and/or investment management agreement.



This website is made available for viewing on the basis that Liontrust exclude, to the extent lawfully permitted, all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising out of use of this website or reliance upon its content. While Liontrust uses every reasonable effort to maintain the availability of this website, we cannot guarantee its availability or the continuation of the services offered through it or that access will be uninterrupted or error free. From time to time, we may restrict access to the whole of, or some parts of, the website.

Liontrust believes that the information it provides is accurate as at the date of publication, but no warranty of its accuracy is given and no liability in respect of errors or omissions is accepted by Liontrust or any director, member or employee of Liontrust.


Intellectual property

The content and design of this website is subject to copyright owned by Liontrust Asset Management PLC. You may print pages and download documents for your own use but no part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted for any other purpose.


Data protection

We take all reasonable precautions to seek to keep secure all confidential information you send to us, including precautions against unauthorised access or loss. Please see the section on Online Security for further information. However, in common with all websites, we cannot guarantee the security of any data transmitted by email or through this website and these are sent at your own risk. Please do not send us any confidential information or commercially sensitive information or sensitive personal data by email or through this website.

Liontrust is a data controller within the meaning of applicable data protection regulations. Liontrust and its Associates (as defined in Section 256 of the UK Companies Act 2006) may use the personal information supplied to provide the service applied for, confirm/update customer records and establish a Client’s identity. Under the data protection regulations, the Client has a number of rights over their data, as set out in the Privacy Notice available on the Liontrust website. Liontrust commits to handling your personal data in a fair and transparent way, in line with the data protection regulations.



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It is possible for UK residents to buy certain Liontrust investment products such as ISAs through the “My Liontrust” website linked to from this website. Specific terms & conditions will apply in relation to that. Such additional terms & conditions will be detailed during the relevant purchase process. The “My Liontrust” website is only available to users who register for that service. You must not purchase Liontrust investment products such as ISAs through the “My Liontrust” website if you are under 18.



These Terms are effective from [March 2022]. We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw access to any page(s) without notice at any time and accept no liability if, for any reason, these pages are unavailable at any time or for any period.

We may change them and the content or availability of any of the information or services available through this website from time to time so please revisit periodically. By accessing our website after we have posted changes to these Terms, you are agreeing to these terms as modified. Any such change will not affect the specific terms & conditions which apply to any investment products you have bought through the “My Liontrust” website unless those specific terms & conditions provide otherwise. For further information you can email


Applicable law

Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of the website is subject to the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute arising out of the use or publication of this website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

If we do not exercise any right or remedy which we have under these Terms this does not mean we have waived our right to it or any other right or remedy of ours.