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Welcome to Liontrust Insights, where you can discover the latest investment views and ideas of our experienced fund managers. 

Here you can read about, watch and listen to our fund managers’ latest views on and insights into economies, markets, sectors, companies and their funds. To receive regular insights and updates from our fund management teams by email, please register here.

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Liontrust Insights - Article
What are the prospects for Sustainable growth in the UK?
Peter Michaelis, 4 June 2020

Following the enforced behavioural changes by Covid-19, Peter Michaelis analyses which UK stocks may benefit from positive structural growth over the long term. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
The European dividend outlook
Olly Russ, 2 June 2020
This year will be challenging for income investors, but 2021 could see companies free of restrictions and awash with capital. Olly Russ looks at the European dividend outlook. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Why we have invested in IMI
Julian Fosh, 2 June 2020

The stockmarket setback in March allowed the Economic Advantage team to add a new company to the UK Growth Fund at an attractive price. Fund manager Julian Fosh explains how this high-quality cyclical stock could provide some upside to the eventual economic recovery from Covid-19. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Why investors can’t ignore disruption
James Dowey, 29 May 2020
Disruption is impacting every sector, and it is becoming increasingly common to see the destruction of products and business models. James Dowey explains disruption, what is driving this and what makes a good disruptive investment. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
GFI Quarterly: Reasons to be cheerful (as well as fearful)
Phil Milburn, 28 May 2020

Covid-19 uncertainty has lowered confidence in economic forecasts. But Phil Milburn explains why there are reasons to be cheerful as well as fearful and where the team is finding investment opportunities in investment grade and high yield. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
The power of blending fund managers
John Husselbee, 27 May 2020

Blending funds and managers is the key extra ingredient in portfolio construction. In this article, John Husselbee interviews two of his UK equity managers to illustrate the benefits of blending. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
The income case for quality high yield
Phil Milburn & Donald Phillips, 21 May 2020
With widespread cuts and suspensions to dividends by equities, Donald Phillips and Phil Milburn propose the quality end of high yield as a potential asset class for income investors. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Silver linings playbook
Alex Wedge, 19 May 2020

Alex Wedge, fund manager in the Economic Advantage team, takes a look at some of the positive themes emerging in the smaller companies and micro-cap space as companies respond to the Covid-19 crisis. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Can Asia offer shelter from dividend cuts?
Mark Williams, 14 May 2020

Mark Williams thinks Asian markets can provide some shelter from the deep dividend cuts affecting markets like the UK. In this blog, Mark explains why Asian dividend payout ratios could prove more stable and earnings more resilient than in other regions. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
The distressed, the prudent and the mandated
Jamie Clark, 6 May 2020
The widespread dividend cuts in the UK over the past two months have fallen into three types. Jamie Clark analyses the distressed, prudent and mandated and what each of these types mean for investors. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Why innovation is important to income investing
Storm Uru, 4 May 2020

Storm Uru, manager of the Liontrust Global Dividend Fund, explains how companies which are market leaders and have a culture of innovation are able to increase dividends long into the future. Read more

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