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About Liontrust

About Liontrust

Liontrust is a specialist fund management company that takes pride in having a distinct culture and approach to running money. We have two primary aims: to invest money on your behalf to try to help you reach your financial goals and to invest in what we believe are the best companies around the world, providing businesses with capital to grow. What makes Liontrust distinct?

The company launched in 1995 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1999.

  • We are an independent business with no corporate parent, our head office is on the Strand in London and we have offices in Edinburgh and Luxembourg.
  • We believe in the benefits of active fund management over the long term and all our fund managers are truly active.
  • We focus only on those areas of investment in which we have particular expertise. We have eight fund management teams: five that invest in UK, European, Asian and Global equities, a Global Fixed Income team, a Sustainable Investment team and one team that manages Multi-Asset portfolios.
  • Our fund managers are independent thinkers and have the courage of their convictions in making investment decisions.
  • Our fund managers have the freedom to manage their portfolios according to their own investment processes and market views without being distracted by other day-to-day aspects of running a fund management company.
  • Each fund management team applies distinct and rigorous investment processes to the management of funds and portfolios that ensure the way we manage money is predictable and repeatable.
  • Staying true to their documented investment processes helps to create an in-built risk control for our fund managers, especially in more challenging environments, by preventing them from buying stocks for the wrong reasons.
  • We aim to treat investors, clients, members, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders fairly and with respect. We are committed to the Principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and they are central to how we conduct business across all our functions.


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