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Return of the Kings

You can learn more about Asiatic lions, Land of the Lions and the important work that ZSL London Zoo undertakes in the Gir Forest with support from Liontrust in our new booklet.

World Lion Day 2018

To mark World Lion Day 2018 and to celebrate the continued increase of Asiatic lion numbers, ZSL London Zoo's lionesses Heidi, Indi and Rubi were given specially designed balls scented with their favourite aromatic herbs and spices.

The balls were painted with a burst of vibrant colours inspired by Gujarat, home to Asiatic lions in Western India and scented with the pride’s favourite aromatic herbs and spices for the feline festivities.
ZSL’s Zoological Manager, Mark Habben said: “Scenting the ball encourages our pride to use their incredible sense of smell to track it through their territory, as they would with prey, before using their sharp claws to tear into it – acting as a natural manicure for our lionesses.
“As an international conservation charity, our work extends far beyond the boundaries of ZSL London Zoo. The endangered Asiatic lions at ZSL London Zoo are ambassadors for the conservation work being supported by the Zoological Society of London in the Gir Forest, India.”

World Lion Day 2018  World Lion Day 2018

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