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Our culture

Our culture

Our culture

How a fund manager performs is not just down to the talent of the individual or team but also to the culture and environment in which they work. Creating the right culture for fund managers to perform has been a central tenet of Liontrust since the company was launched in 1995.

We have created an environment in which fund managers can focus on running money and not get distracted by other day-to-day aspects of running a fund management business, particularly administration.

At the heart of the Liontrust culture is the fact that our fund managers are truly active, have the courage of their convictions when investing and manage funds and portfolios according to distinct investment processes. There is no house view at Liontrust, with our fund managers having the freedom to manage their portfolios according to their own investment processes and market views.

Another aspect of the Liontrust culture is that fund managers invest in funds they run, which shows a belief in and a commitment to their investment processes and fellow investors.

We empower members and employees to take on responsibility and to be accountable for their decisions, actions and behaviour.

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